Playstation Move considered, but ultimately declined for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Playstation Move support was considered, but ultimately declined for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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Forbidden_Darkness3147d ago

Sadness fills his eyes**

This game would be awesome with Move

mjolliffe3147d ago

I think this would've been one of THE hardcore games that gamers would have enjoyed on the Move.

But you never know, we could see God of War III support Move in the future :)

DigitalHorror813147d ago

it would have been fantastic with Move support.

Chaostar3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Do you think Move capability was decided against to keep it fair to Xbox users or if they couldn't implement it in the game due to the mechanics?

Maybe they will patch Move/Natal support if and when they become successful. Move support would have definitely tipped my decision on which format to buy, guess its down to graphics, loading times etc again. Even without Move though this game looks great, Patrick Stewart and Robert Carlyle FTW.

IdleLeeSiuLung3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

No, I think it was left out because it didn't fit into the game. After all, Konami has a very good relationship with Sony....

I hate to see games have PS Move just stucked in to games just for the sake of it. Build a new experience for PS Move from the ground up, don't just tack it on after the fact.

Chaostar3146d ago

You're right that if there's any implementation of motion controls it should be done to the highest degree but if it works then there's no reason they can't add it later for the people who may want it.

I'm sure Konami are very hard at work right now creating something especially for Move and/or Natal that was built from the gound up with that in mind :)

Eamon3146d ago

How the hell do you implement Move in God of War III without spoiling the gameplay.

SuperM3146d ago

A game like this would be that good with playstation move. Because it would only be gesture based and might aswell be made for the wii controller. For a title like this to work well with move it would have to be buildt from the ground up to be played with that control so that you could swing your controller and the character would swing his sword/whatever in the exact same direction and with the same speed. But that wouldnt be how this game would work if they added move support, nor would it be if they added it to gow3. it would be gestures to do attacks and different combos. You might aswell just use the buttons.

I think alot of people here have some kind of dream of using the move controller and it will be like you have the weapons in your hands. I also want that kind of game. But this game would not be like that if they added move support, neither would gow3. If you think about it, you'd realize that simply wouldnt work.

Christopher3146d ago

If only one console used the technology, then it wouldn't be considered a redefinition of the genre, it's obvious to see that's why they chose to not use it.

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tdrules3147d ago

no physical whipping for me.
back to the bondage club....

sinncross3146d ago


but on the bright side this is a positive for Sony (though negative that the Move ain't being supported) because it shows that the hardcore games can use the controller, at least to some extent.

beardpapa3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

No i don't want to see wii-like gesture control on the Move. Defeats the purpose of 1:1 motion control concept. Sorry buddies but 3rd person + motion just screams gesture control. It would've worked if it was a TPS or some sort of shooter with the reticule being controlled by the Move (e.g., Socom move demo), but can you imagine playing something like Bayonetta with move? Yuck! Now that's a gimmick.

krisq3146d ago ShowReplies(1)
Assassin Creed3146d ago

Playstation Move>>>>>LAGTAL

TheXgamerLive3146d ago

but you do already know this, so whatever.

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