Ubisoft: Our DRM will "evolve, improve"

Eurogamer: Ubisoft's told Eurogamer that its "online services platform" for PC games will "evolve and improve" and is most certainly here to stay.

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NotSoSilentBob3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Anyone else hear in their head while reading the Evolve and improve
"Our DRM will get tougher and stricter"

thereapersson3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I don't see why they need DRM when they release their games through Steam. Steam itself is a type of DRM, is it not?

Also, forcing people to be online to play a game that isn't an MMO is about the dumbest thing you can ever do, and a huge slap in the face for those who actually BUY your games.

I'm sorry you are butthurt over piracy, Ubisoft, but please for the sake of everyone's intelligence and sanity, drop this draconian DRM bullsh1t you so forcefully impose.

dktxx23143d ago

enlighten me, why exactly is having to connect online such a bad thing? its pretty much the least intrusive way of drm.

thereapersson3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Because not everyone keeps their PC's connected at all times, nor does everyone have access to a broadband connection.

Also, what if your connection drops in the middle of your game, or something else happens that makes it so you can't get online? You lose your progress as your game locks up or quits because it can't detect your internet.

@ Proxy

That too; There's always the server issues you have to worry about.

Proxy3143d ago

and a continent can no longer play their single player games.

Not too intrusive I suppose...

dktxx23143d ago

not everyone does, but most gamers do. and by most i mean 80% of them do. and there are ways to make it fair.

having to always be connected to the internet isn't the perfect option, but it the best place to start with. its okay to assume that gamers have internet connections, at least dialup, because they do.

sikbeta3143d ago

Great, meanwhile, thanks in Advance Ubisoft for screwing SCC...

Baka-akaB3143d ago


Did you even bother to try it then ?

Ubisoft's own game launch with that system and their failure at keeping their server on 24/24 should already tell you why it's crap .

It was the worst drm yet , as it didnt even resist 24hours against piracy , and prevented legit owners to play it for days .

evrfighter3143d ago

PC Gamers: The user base will thin and stop paying.

Cevapi883143d ago

thats like saying jail will evolve and the end of the day you still get raped in the ass....what difference does it make

Setekh3143d ago

Evolve and Improve eh?
Hopefully they will evolve and improve themselves out of business!

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mcgrawgamer3143d ago

translation; we'll stop making pc games in 2 to 3 years.

dktxx23143d ago

How about a drm that hurts pirates more than the consumer that buys it. that would be an upgrade. all drm is right now is an incentive to pirate games.

thereapersson3143d ago

Any ideas on how they'd go about targeting *just* pirates?

dktxx23143d ago

No I don't, but its not my games getting pirated. If drm going to stay and be accepted, its going to have to be invisible to an honest consumer.

Not my job to think of the hows.

Foxgod3143d ago

Oh noes, sounds like Skynet will become real after all =(
I never expected it would be DRM, that would become aware and doom humanity!!

sikbeta3143d ago

More like Screw-net...

Foxgod3143d ago

DRM will take control of Kratos, and make him run in circles so you cant play your game properly.
DRM will become aware on december 26 2012, and ruin gaming for all of us, by taking control of our games, and ruining the fun.

Whoooop3143d ago

Ok Ubisoft, this is my answer to you... GO F*CK YOURSELF.

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