CSM: Build-a-Bear: Welcome to Hugsville Review

CSM writes: "In Build-a-Bear: Welcome to Hugsville, the player takes on the part of a new resident to a town of cuddly stuffed animals. The mayor, Bearamy, asks for help in making the neighborhood prettier by planting lots of flowers and trees. He also asks the player to help out his or her new friends by playing with each animal at his or her signature game. These mini-games may involve hunting for treasure, navigating a maze, running a race, gathering golden pawprints, driving a car, or sketching a picture. By playing the games enough times, the player can unlock new areas and gain access to more furry friends, each with their own new mini-games. Throughout the story, the player will also be called upon to build usable items, like a scooter, a car, and even his or her own house."

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