CSM: Racquet Sports Review

CSM writes: "The latest of many racquet-themed games for the Wii, Racquet Sports lets players have a go at five different sports, including: tennis, ping-pong, beach tennis, squash, and badminton. Players can get their feet wet in the training mode, which leads them through the basics of each sport, or just dive into one of the main modes and consult instructions and sport rules on the fly as needed. The Quick Match mode lets up to four players pick a sport and a court and start playing. One or two players can take on a more ambitious challenge in Around the World mode, which will see players traveling the globe entering tournaments and challenges in each sport and unlocking plenty of characters, racquets, balls, and venues along the way. Party Mode takes players through a series of quick, 90-second challenges with various game altering effects, such as balls that slowly gain in speed and blazingly quick forehands. The deluxe version of the game, which costs $10 more, comes with a camera that will sense arm movements and translate them as racquet swings, eliminating the need for a Wii controller."

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