Crysis 2: Direct Feed HD Trailer from the GDC 2010 Demo

Videogameszone published the Direct Feed HD Version of Crytek´s Crysis 2 CryEngine 3 Tech Demo.

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arakouftaian3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

It does looks better than Resistance 2 which is ok and i think was old gen next to Killzone 2 .
But lets wait and see how good it looks on a $2000 PC
I Hope it Looks Mind blowing like Killzone 2.

and it does looks good for a Multi-plat. game the lighting is great for a multi-plat... game. Better than UE3 . and This is good for future Multi-plat games.

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evrfighter3172d ago

nice screens. I think it's hilarious that a multiplat game has taken the graphics crown on consoles this gen.

aceitman3172d ago

and i know that resistance 3 and killzone 3 will bring the heat and up the graphics

MrMiyagi3172d ago

lol, why did they only show the pc facial animation...

the almighty Crytek cant make it happen on consoles :S

Xfanboy3171d ago

On console it really sucks & then you'll just pay $10 more to play it lol!!!!

pixelsword3171d ago

Actually, you'll be paying $10 extra.

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Anti-PS33172d ago

That PC facial animation looks incredible.

What Would Kratos Do3172d ago

Graphics are nothing without frame rate.
I want to see 60FPS become the standard.

M337ING3172d ago

This game will never drop below 30, according to Cevat Yerli.

tudors3172d ago

not everyone thinks KZ2 is the graphics king, the textures alone are miles better IMO (remember my opinion not neccessarily yours) in Crysis 2, and anyone who thinks I am making this up go check my comments on GOW3 and UC2.

kneon3172d ago

From those screen shots the Crysis textures were not overly impressive. They had more vibrant colors but in my opinion too much shiny bits that may impress people but look too plastic and unrealistic to me.

But screen shots are not very important. I want to see the real in game video that's more than a few seconds long. KZ2 was more than just good graphics, it was the atmosphere that really made the game what it is, and that is more than just the graphics. Sound, physics and the art style all play a big part as well.

I'll be buying Crysis 2, I have all the others, but until I play it I can't tell whether it will be as engaging as KZ2, the previous games certainly were not.

pixelsword3171d ago

It doesn't matter what a person thinks versus what is.

LTC3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Definately not the best looking game. Overhyped

Tudors I remember u were the one overhyping Lost Planet 2 graphics saying they were the best on any system and look how that turned out.

This game will be forgotten soon after its released.

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