Mysterious LBP Online Beta Voucher Sent Out

Check your email accounts, because Sony is sending out mysterious online LittleBigPlanet beta vouchers to PS3 owners. What the beta actually consists of is a mystery, but if you happen to get your hands on one of these codes, you'll find that the code is not yet active. Whether these were sent too early or not can't be determined, but Sony and Media Molecule are testing something new in the LittleBigPlanet universe.

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sehnsucht3175d ago

It says the key is expired or not valid...very odd

rdgneoz33175d ago

Check to see if the beta voucher they sent you has started yet. If it hasn't then you will probably get that expired / no valid thing.

Biggest3175d ago

I didn't get one. Nobody ever pays me in gum.

BannedForNineYears3175d ago

That means you can't use the codes yet.
Hang on to it.

BiggCMan3175d ago

got one here also. same thing though, invalid or expired.

MazzingerZ3174d ago

Could it be the First Person View mode that MM showed IGN (or Eurogamer?) a while back?

Rival_313173d ago

The invites and what not are just late invitations for beta testers that the machine that sends email just sent recently. There isn't anything new going on at the moment and a quote from Spaff confirms it

"Hi Everyone - I'm not entirely sure what is going on here, but what it looks like is that the Sony Email system has had a bit of a hiccup and whilst sending out the codes for the US beta participants long awaited [edited out] codes, has also sent out beta invitation emails. I won't be able to get to the bottom of this until Monday, but this is all you need to know:



Sorry about that, dashing hopes n' all, but at lease those [emails] are finally making their way out right? And there is a certainty that we will definitely be having more beta tests in the future, so look forward to those"

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3175d ago

There is still people who play that game? I played so much lbp that i dont wanna play it again haha

tripewire3175d ago

Got my ex hooked on that..... and God of War 3. We were stuffing around and I kept dragging her into electric hazards. Sackboys are murderous SOB's.

Danteh3175d ago

that you got burned out doesn't mean the rest of us dont play it anymore, I usually go back to it every 2 months and build an awesome level :D

Ocelot5253175d ago

starting outlook, and.....

no beta voucher :(

coppi69763175d ago

I got a email but it had nothing to do with a new beta, it was a thank you for being in the previous betas. Its a costume

Voozi3175d ago


Welcome! You've been selected to participate in our ongoing
LittleBigPlanet online beta. We're always striving to improve our
online experience--and whether it's tweaks in gameplay, functionality
or server adjustments, we need your help in making sure everything
looks and plays just right. Included is your beta code to provide
you access to our online beta. Thanks again.

Here is your Voucher Redeem code for beta:

Redempteur3175d ago

well they are always sending voutcher for betas i got one last month there is nothing special about that

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The story is too old to be commented.