Final Fantasy XIV tidbits and images via

Nine new FFXIV alpha test images and miscellaneous tidbits of information translated from two new articles at

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Myst3173d ago

"There will be a system in place called "Battle Regimen" which allows players to link their attacks together with the attacks of other members in their party to produce various effects on the enemy (such as status ailments)."

This is just awesome. To bad it's only on PC now, but as long as those servers are being tested heavily by people Square-Enix will hopefully know what to do from then on to make it work smoothly for the PS3 counterpart, and at the same time be able push it out sooner as well.

JoySticksFTW3173d ago

Last I logged in to FFXI (can't even remeber when) players weren't even using the Skill Chain any more

Maybe because I was in a pick-up group

I'd imagine that static / vet group group still use them?

Redempteur3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

very good screens .i mean it's quite beautifull .can't wait for the ps3 version

DigitalHorror813173d ago

I can only hope that the gameplay will be there as well.

Arnon3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Some of that looks horribly uninspired. Almost seems to be a downgraded La Theine. It seems like there's no style put into the environment. It seems a lot of the detail went mainly into character models.

Also, I have an entire gallery of FFXIV screenshots.

Miraak82 3173d ago

I wanna see some weather effects and pending doom that awaits

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