Dear Polyphony: Just Give Us GT5 Already

Ben Dutka from PSXExtreme writes: As most racing fans are aware, Gran Turismo 5 should launch some time this fall. Sony boss Peter Dille essentially guaranteed that it would be on store shelves before 2009 expired. We'll believe him for now.

It's officially only one delay, as the game never got any sort of release date until late last year, when they said it would launch in Japan in March 2010. But that doesn't mean the fans aren't a little miffed and I got news for ya, Polyphony: if you really did delay the game for the sake of possibly inputting 3D or PlayStation Move functionality, or you're considering another delay for the sake of adding such technology, "miffed" won't be the proper description. Pissed off will be far more accurate. Why? Because this is very simple: the hardcore racing aficionados; the target demographic for GT, really don't care. 3D is cool and all but the idea of making it compatible with Move is downright ridiculous and in the end, I can't think of a single solitary GT fan who would want to wait for the addition of these features.

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Hanif-8763145d ago

Gran Turismo 5 has been in development for 5 years, why spoil it now?

Narutone663144d ago

compare GT5 to PC games like Starcraft series or Diablo series, then the wait isn't that long. I still scratch my head when I read about some haters saying the game have been delayed so many times and that it takes forever to release the game.

Chaostar3144d ago

Lols at the date fail in the first paragraph.

-Alpha3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

I think the problem was that it was announced too early, which lead to fanboys getting excited, which lead to hype, which lead to trash talking, etc. That's what I'm most tired of. I'm not into the genre but a historic game is a historic game and I've been anticipating GT5 for a while now.

At this point it has to be perfect and if it weren't delayed we wouldn't have features like Nascar. Forza is a great game that has been more consistent this generation but GT5 feels like the juggernaut title. I'm still baffled at the sales for this franchise, I really don't understand where all these racing fans pop up from. It has taken a long time, yes, and hopefully the wait will be worth it for fans. Everybody has that favorite franchise that they wait for. At least GT5 is happening. I'm still waiting for Dark Cloud 3, Power Stone 3, and a worthy Sonic Adventure sequel :(

Redrum0593144d ago

im willing to wait, yes i want the game now but if i have to wait a little so that i can get the best driving simulator out there then i'll wait.

Anarki3144d ago

Because we've also been waiting for over 5 years... which is longer than most games..

I'm so eager to get into this game.. waited for a veeeeeery long time

right and wrong3144d ago

Sony needs to wait and release this during the holidays. GT5 will be the perfect distraction from Reach and Wii.

Immortal3213144d ago

they don't want another sony exclusive to reap what uncharted2 achieved.

Prototype3144d ago

I still have 2, 5 prologue, and HD to practice on until 5 comes out

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Automat3144d ago

play prologue, shift or watch some porn. i don't care... just relax.....

yewles13144d ago

And WHY couldn't you guys be patient like all those waiting for Alan Wake?

Morituri3144d ago

In the meantime, enjoy the bevy of excellent games that are already out and coming out. You can't rush perfection.

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