G4 to Broadcast the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Press Conferences LIVE!

For the first time ever in E3 history, G4 will be broadcasting the "Big 3" LIVE on television.

G4's coverage begins tomorrow at 9pm ET with a pre-E3 preview followed by Microsoft's Press Conference at 11pm ET. The next day, G4 will be broadcasting the Nintendo Press Conference at 12pm ET and then followed next by Sony's at 2pm ET.

So if you don't have a fast internet connection or you wish to watch the "Big 3" on a bigger screen, G4 has got you covered.

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power of Green 3908d ago

Cool beans i was watching (AOTS) everday for a few months up untill a few months ago. The show wasn't focused on tech and gaming as i remeber years ago and i finnaly gave up on the show but maybe i'll check the E3 coverage out and perhaps give the channel(AOTS) another shot. Zack attack is back. I guess i miss Layla's smile. lol.

Norad63908d ago

Hey if I can watch them on TV rather than the internet. I'm there in a heart beat. Thank god I didn't renew my payed subscription to Gamespot. I would have just wasted $50 to watch them on the net.