Sony to stream press conference online

Sony To Stream Press Conference Online
Your options for watching the press conferences of E3 live have just increased as Sony has announced that they'll be streaming their own presentation live online. On Wednesday July 11 at 11:30 AM PDT, a live conference feed will appear on the official PlayStation web site, giving non-E3 attendees a chance to bask in the glory of whatever the hell Sony will be showing that day. In addition, as noted earlier, new E3-related content will be added to the PlayStation Store following the conclusion of the conference.

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nice_cuppa3937d ago

this is actually something other people need to do.
its their job.

g4tv and 1up might lose people because of this and i don't think they will like that.

TheExecutive3937d ago

well... maybe people dont have g4tv and does 1up have live feeds? If they do who cares, im glad sony is giving me the OPTION of watching it on my ps3.

Juevani3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

stop complaining motherf*cka, they gives that, nah they didnt gives that, ya'll naggin like little b*tches. no mather what u get, u'll never be happy and shut the f*ck up, like a b*tch allways lookin for a bigger d*ck.

back to the case, Sony is really ready to take over, they're doin millions of things at the same time, I cant even catch up.. really good, keep it up Sony we all know u'll gives the nr.1 spot.

And give me some bubbles yo. xpired box blood s*ckers tok them all away becus they couldnt handle was I was sayin.. tnx

InMyOpinion3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

And he's back packin' heat. Mad steez. Sorry to hear that your girlfriend left you. Who do you prefer Juevani, Kriss or Kross? Sorry, not hood enough. Who da illizt, 'atch!?

Rims3937d ago


PS3 fans give me some bubbles please!

Bill Gates3937d ago

I'd give you a hundred bubbles if i could bro, but you know how it is. Individuals like you and I, and many others just have to live with one bubble...HAHAHHAHAHHAHA fuk it it's more fun this way.

BTW, this news is SWEEEEEEEET!

Shaka2K63937d ago

g4tv and 1up can suck a nut, stupid anti-Sony tools.

Maddens Raiders3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

you guys are on a real roll as of late! Now shush down that pinhead Tretton and everything will be dandy. It makes me feel good that SNE is really trying to ramp up and show PS3 owners what they've got in store for the console right away instead of sitting back on their laurels. Good job! Keep up the diversity and innovation.

calidredz3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

After the price drop I got my ps3 its cool, ninja gaiden is nice. Still luv my 360 but at least I have options.

P.S. someone bubble me, I made 2 nonpartial comments and got creamed for all 5 of mine.

P.S.II Wow guess I got them back kick A$$!

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The story is too old to be commented.