Limited Edition PlayStation Move PS3 Had Sex With A Bumble Bee

Ironstar writes: "I don't know about you guys but when I first laid eyes on that beast shown in the image above I feel in love."


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Assassin Creed3110d ago


We apologize for the inconvenience, but iRoNStaR Gaming is currently undergoing maintenance.

FanOfGaming3110d ago

sorry it should be fixed soon

Kratos Spartan3110d ago

no wonder they need some maintenance.

Government Cheese3110d ago

Damn it, I want to see it lol.

cobraagent3110d ago

All of us are wondering what the hell this article is for.
Question: What does the phrase "Had Sex With A Bumble Bee" mean?

Government Cheese3110d ago

I dunno. Maybe the bumble bee stuck it's stinger into the PS3's USB port...

Treezy5043110d ago

Jerry Seinfeld pollinated inside a fat ps3's hard drive and months later.....voila xD

sikbeta3110d ago

Get It:

Bumblebee = Yellow + PS3 = Yellow PS3 Bundle


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1Victor3110d ago

bubble up cheese nice one

Meryl3110d ago

I must admit they all looked like they was loving the move, unlike the natal demo, the faces was just like saying what on earth are we doing??

Bigpappy3110d ago

The truth is: There is little hype for the move. It is difficult to say why. May be when the games are released, that would change. I could take some guesses as to why the demo's are not generating hype. But that would not be fair minded, as I am not sure why. If some one ask, I would give my opinion though. I am trying not to put my bias in my opinion as to why.

rezzah3110d ago

lol at the title, and thats a cool looking ps3.