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TMC: Gameinformer has the first north american review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction for the Xbox 360 & PC. GI has awarded Conviction with a 9/10 saying it haves a hybrid of stealth/action with pitch perfect pacing and one hell of a story. Check out the full review.

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thereapersson3171d ago

Does it say anything about the game's length?

sak5003171d ago

I'd say score it same as MGS4 minus the 9 hour cgi, heavly sword, GOWIII, heavy rain, unchartered 1 and 2. So these all are circa 6 hour games.

DelbertGrady3171d ago

Probably 8-10 hours for the single player campaign. Then there's also a full co-op campaign and multiplayer.

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DeZv33171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Why so defensive dude? (not to say completly fanboyish)

I think you posted on the wrong zone ;)

despair3171d ago

Actually they say the length of just the single player campaign is 5-6 hours(closer to 5 i think) co-op and online will add but i don't know how good they are. Looks great must try the demo first though.

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Basil-Rathboner3171d ago

Dont read the top comment on the site, there is a possible major spoiler.

Kingdom Come3171d ago

I've already had the game spoiled for me by some attention seeker on another site. :/

SolidMGSnake3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Yea I read it accidently, but if it is true..then I saw that one commin a frikken mile away. O well- at least it'll be a fun game and see the story unfold.

Kingdom Come3171d ago

Does anyone know if Lamberts alive in Conviction or not? If its a Spoiler or something PM me please, he's a Legend and I dont want him dying :[ I didnt even shoot him in Double Agent :P

Eiffel3171d ago

Lol I read the spoiler. I've already read the book so I know how it ends. Like it's somehow gonna stop me from enjoying the game.

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Kingdom Come3171d ago

Day One Purchase Me thinks...
Pretty obvious considering its on Preorder. :P

jjesso19933171d ago

I completed it yesterday reallly amazing game was not expecting it to be so good wish it was a bit longer

Basil-Rathboner3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

You may know how it ends as you say that you've read the book and SolidMGSnake says he saw it coming a mile away.

That completely misses the point.

Others have not read the book and most may wish to see the plot unfold without having the narrative deliberately sabotaged for them.

Eiffel i am glad it won't stop you from enjoying the game and nor should it.

But this tit for tat nonsense of people deliberately spoiling games for others is an act unbecoming of a gentleman.

This goes for both Xbox and PS3 people who do it --- "I would hereby hand down a sentence of 15 minutes in a padded cell with a large angry tattooed man sporting a smile, claw hammer and a large erect!0n."

To the morons who disagreed with me above when i kindly took the time to warm TRUE gamers of possible spoilers GFU.

despair3171d ago

Agreed its getting more and more ridiculous mods need to regulate the spoiler content with immediate bans from the forums.

First Heavy rain got slightly spoiled for me then i hear alan wake story is out in full details plot twist and all and now they're doing it with splinter cell. There are many others also I'm sure, it really is stupid and very immature to ruin a game for many just because you can.

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