Forza Motorsport 3 Road And Track Car Pack Vehicles Unveiled

Turn 10 Studios revealed the identities of the ten mystery cars in Forza Motorsport 3's Road and Track Car Pack today. The new vehicles will be available to download through Xbox Live on April 13th for 400 MS Points.

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Hotel_Moscow3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

it will be released between may 3rd and oct 27th 2011 give or take a month or few

Projekt7tuning3169d ago

I think that new Mini coupe is cool in some kind of weird way. Back at the end of 2007 I dynoed the new at the 2008 Mini Copper S for Grassroots Motorsports. There a magazine for road racers. It was the article entitled (Bottle Rockets). They use my dyno for there test. The funny thing was the Mini Copper S was rated @ 172hp @ the crank. It put down 175hp @ the wheels. It shocked all of us. There cool little cars. Im going to download this just to play around with it.
BMW added an overboost mode to the car in real life. Thats why it made more power at the wheel than at the crank. Plus I think it was a little white lie by BMW in a good way. But I wonder how things like that translate into the game? BTW for people not into cars, normally the advertised hp is at the crank. That mean the actual hp at the wheels is usually less because of parasitic loss. Its normally a 15-18% loss. So when a car makes more at the wheel than its supposed to at the crank its significant. Here the link to that old article if anyone's interested. we did the Mazda speed3, Sentra se-r and some others. its a good read http://grassrootsmotorsport...

Inside_out3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Many times, the car that is sent to the various magazine/media testing is NOT the same car that's on the commercial lots...Those cars are a " juiced " demo to leave a favorable impression...You know, balanced/blueprinted engines with " Cheater " cam/cams, maybe a touch more compression...Sneaky

Most tests I've seen, show a 50hp drop from rear wheel vs crank numbers give or take a couple ponies...Many hotrod/performance mags ran many tests like that...always fun to see a car with " 200 hp " run 13 seconds at the track.....

Projekt7tuning3169d ago

@ cez of rage
Dude your preaching to the quire. Grassroots is a small magazine. Most of the (press cars) go to the bigger mags. Iv owned a dyno shop since 2001. Iv Built every car Evolution Imports ever sold/imported to the country. Trust me I know exactly what they give the press. Thats why most of the testing they do, are on cars from a dealers lot here locally.
I have never dynoed for example, an s2000 that had over 200Hp at the wheels stock. But Sport compact car got a (press car) that dynoed just over 200whp. They printed those results so for 3 years I had people tell me that I didn't know what I was doing, or my DynoJet dyno was wrong, because they usually dynoed at 190-195whp with there s2000's. Then later on people started to share there numbers from different shops on the net and found out the sad truth. The s2000 they first did in Sport compact car was a press car. Every now and then some car are actually under-rated The cobalt ss, almost every 911 turbo, every Skyline from the r-32 and up, and the srt-4 just to name a few. Most cars unfortunately are overrated with there hp numbers. A big one the rx-8, when it first came out it was rated at 255hp. They cant brake 200whp stock. Mazda had to give money back to buyer and recall the hp numbers. I know what your saying and its normally the case, but sometimes we get a surprise.

Inside_out3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

@ project...

Sad about the RX-8...look nice understand that in Japan at least the most a hp a manufacture could advertise was 272 hp so many cars that are 272 are in actuality more powerful and in some cases, like the one's you mention, much more powerful...

Haven't followed cars for a long time...Rear wheel dyno's were just starting to become popular when I moved on ( early '90s )...Kids were jumping off buildings when they found out there 400 hp was actually 180...LMAO...When I see the HP numbers now for vette's, 911's and vipers...heck, even mini vans pack a wallop now...LMFAO....Yes, that old....;~)...

bruddahmanmatt3169d ago

Ehhh, the Japanese "gentleman's agreement" you're talking about was 276hp or 280ps, not 272hp. Not to mention it went out the window about a half a decade ago. I believe the first car to officially break the agreement on paper was the 4th gen Honda Legend.

Regarding the underrated MINI, most manufacturers these days do NOT tweak their press cars. There is simply too great a risk with the potential for so much exposure. And everyone knows that BMW underrates their cars. That being said, I would expect no less from MINI or RR for that matter.

Hotel_Moscow3169d ago

holy hell why did you write all that i mis typed that meant it for another article

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Rob Hornecker3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Its nice to see some new DLC coming out for Forza3 and this new R&T car pack looks to have some really good looking cars to choose from. To me ,Forza3 is the best racing game for the 360. Now all we need is some new tracks and achievements to get.

With new racing games like Blur,Split second,V8 challange,and F1 coming out in the near future its good to see that there keeping this one alive with DLC and for 400 MS points its a bargin.

Zack Sawyer3169d ago

I like that they are adding the latest cars coming out but they still seem to be missing the Vauxhall VXR8 which is an absolute mental car!

bruddahmanmatt3169d ago

The HSV w427 is essentially a VXR8...ON CRACK. It's based on the HSV GTS except the LS3 has been ditched for the Z06's 7.0L LS7.

yogaflame3169d ago

sigh FORZa 3 is already at stage of having a lot of DLc while we are still waiting for GT5 forever.

IRetrouk3169d ago

its gonna be worth the wait though, i have played forza from day 1 and all i can think of is gt 5, that game is gonna be huge. I have love for forza but will allways be a gt man.

GodGinrai3169d ago

Gt5 will be worth the wait no doubt. nothing wrong with being a GT man and liking forza. Both these series deserve there good reputations. im glad that forza and GT games come out at different times. both games desereve there times in the spotlight. i use to be a GT only im a Forza/GT/GRID guy :)...and i still play moto gp bike racing game ever!

wish they would do a pack with the porche 911 (993 model) RS , clio williams, peugeot 205gti (1.9L) and 205 T16 ,911 sc and impeza p1. then id would have every car i desire in real life in forza! bought all the dlc except for nurburg gp track pack (it aint worth 400 pts,and besides that you already get the full nurburgring in the game anyways.

speaking of which i wonder how close my times will be on the nurburgring in both games. My current fastest lap is 7:23:14 in a tuned ferrari 458 italia ( red with flames and autobot logos on the door and bonnet...inspired by hot rod from the 1986 transformers movie, no less!). i can probably knock off those other 3 secs but the car gets a bit hairy on certain parts of the track...and the only assist i use is ABS because my driving style calls for aggresive braking...matter of fact im off for another stab at the ring .peace.

Immortal3213169d ago

you will spend more than 70$ on forza3 and still won't have more cars than gt5.

IRetrouk3169d ago

totally agree with you mate, if you are a racing game fan then you realy have to play all the aaa games, dirt 2, grid, forza, gt and even shift aint bad.

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mmj3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

It would be nice if they fixed the bugs and inherent flaws in the game instead of milking us with extra content that could have been included from the get go (had they not rushed it out the door to begin with).

dangert123169d ago

you've never played forza...oh quiet a few of the cars in forza's dlc are from 2010 aswel as older ones fool

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