NXT Gamer: 10 Games We Can't Wait To See In 2010

2010 looks like it's going to be a huge year for the video game industry with massive hardware releases such as Project Natal and PlayStation Move but there are also some great looking titles coming out this year, let's take a look at some of the most exciting to come.

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midi3171d ago

Portal 2 is the top game in that list for me. However the fact that you missed off The Last Guardian makes your list pretty much invalid dude.

Bigpappy3171d ago

But I have some game that I am interested in that are not listed: I love WRPG's, when done properly. So, 2 worlds is a game of interest to me. The combat was very good in the first, and I think it they could polish everything else, the game could be great; I am not going to get to play GT5,as I only play 360 games, but I would like to see what the added year of polish was able to accomplish (It had already looked great last year); Ghost Recon is another game that I am a big fan of. I want to see how the gameplay has changed. I don't care about drones and that kind of futuristic stuff, I prefer to crawl on my belly and climb to tactical spots undetected to ambush the enemy. Smarter AI and a better cover system in online co-op is where my main interest lies.

ProjectVulcan3171d ago

Blur over GT5? PoP/RDR over The Last Guardian?


xXRight3yeXx3171d ago

Writer is not biased, just, well, i bet he only plays XBOX 360 as there are no PS3 exclusive in that list. GT5? Mafia 2? WHAT THE HELL?

Graydon3171d ago

This is a great list of games, many of which I want to try out. There are a few games that I haven't tried before such as mafia that definitely look like great.

cain1413171d ago

I'm looking forward to reach...

Stranjak3171d ago

What about Call of Duty: Black Ops?

Mike Bell3171d ago

The next Call of Duty game isn't really for me since I didn't enjoy Treyarch's last CoD game, World at War.

@midi I couldn't find enough information to write a great deal about The Last Guardian

boodybandit3171d ago

2 things Mike Bell since I am assuming you wrote this article.
Who are you referring to as "we" in the title?
Shouldn't the title read "10 Games We Can't Wait To See On The 360 in 2010"?

xXRight3yeXx3171d ago

Mike, no disrespect here ok?

*Looks at Mike Bell's avatar*

Oh, okay, so now i know.

Drfreeman3171d ago

No GT5??? And how can you put Arkham Asylum 2 on there but not The Last Guardian? Also, what about Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Zelda? Clearly this is not a top 10 for all consoles 2010, just Xbox.

Information Minister3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

The guy uses an Xbox avatar and admits to not having a PS3...

What did you expect?

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The story is too old to be commented.