Sega Classics Needing A Revival: Part One "The late 80s and the early of the 90s were all about two console manufacturers, Nintendo and Sega. Of course, there were others around at the time, but none really gathered any real momentum with regards to their hardware and even Sega were mostly playing catch-up behind the dominant Nintendo. This of course lead to some legendary advertising campaigns, but it also lead to some great games being created by both companies as they competed for the attentions and imaginations of the general public. "

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Kyll3171d ago

When Sega could do no wrong

Sanrin3171d ago

Vectorman is on that list, I can't possibly say no.

Selyah3171d ago

I'd personally like to see Shenmue its one of those games I totally missed out on, if there was a revival of that would be awesome.

mephman3171d ago

They REALLY need to make Shenmue III.

TheDopeFiend3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Road Rash

Edit: Sorry, i thought it meant Sega Mega Drive games, silly me
Edit: @Below, so i guess i'm right then lol *maybe i should remove all this Edit stuff and just look as if i knew all along, no one would know*

Bubble to you my friend

mephman3171d ago

Well, the first three were Sega exclusive, if I remember correctly? After that, the franchise kinda died a death.

Bathyj3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


Like Bubble Bobble, the music still haunts me to this day.

Foxgod3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I was about to mention Wonderboy in monsterworld.

I dont understand sega, Wonderboy got the potential to be Sega's own Zelda.
They could make an excellent Zelda like rpg with it, a blue haired boy that turns into dragons to overcome obstacles.

Heck, even link turned into a wolf.
Instead they keep churning out sonic games and b crap, they need someone with vision over at Sega HQ's, they seriously lack it.

I would have gone so far as buying out Camelot from Nintendo, and put them to work on Wonderboy to make a HD game that plays like Zelda.

Bathyj3171d ago

Monster land was ok but I want the original Platformer with the skateboard, not the RPGish adventure.

Hell I'd pay 15 bucks on PSN to play it.

And someone tell Temco to do the same this with Rygar please.

And where the hells Bombjack been all this time?

Foxgod3171d ago

I remember a game from Nintendo called adventure island with a skateboard, but the oldest wonderboy i can remember is the one from the arcade, was a side scrolling platformer.
It was annoying cause the screen kept moving and you had to keep up with it =)

Bathyj3171d ago

Thats the one. On a skateboard you would always roll so you had to keep up, but you could move faster and jump higher. The game was like crack, and you could play for hours on one credit. I miss those days.

Even on foot you had to keep moving because you had to keep eating fruit to keep you vitality up.

See, it even taught good eating habits.

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