FoxNews: Teens Who Play Video Games More Likely to Have Tooth Decay

A study revealed that the longer teenagers spend glued to the screen, the greater the impact on their dental hygiene.

A propensity to wolf down sugary snacks and drinks while absorbed in the on-screen action meant gamers who spend long hours with a controller in their hands are twice as likely to develop tooth decay.

The University of Iowa study is the latest in a growing list of video game-related ills highlighted by academics, ranging from depression and obesity to violent behavior.

The research, which focused on adolescents between the ages of 12 to 16, also found that those who had parental rules regarding screen time and diet were less likely to eat or drink while watching TV and playing games than those who did not.

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mrv3213147d ago

Viewers of FoxNews are likely to suffer stupidity, close mindedness and generally speaking America=World.

Government Cheese3147d ago

The funny thing is, I'm 20 right now and went to the dentist last week for the first time in 6 years lol, and I didn't have a single cavity... I drink a ton of Mnt Dew too so I was pretty surprised

qface643147d ago

DAAAMN that picture is creepy looking to me yet i can't seem to look away

incogneato3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Why are you crying about FOX news? They are simply reporting on a study. Why not criticize the study itself?

I guess it's "open minded" to disregard studies which make you feel bad. And if denying studies is being "open minded" like you claim, I guess that means liberals are pretty damn "open minded" (they deny many studies, such as race IQ studies).


meetajhu3147d ago

Thats the weirdest shi* i've ever heard in years!

Blaze9293147d ago

stopped reading after FoxNews

sikbeta3147d ago

Title + Picture = EPIC lol EVER


Seriously? that's a fvcking but funny joke, Fox News, you always Surprise Me With Something New...


MmaFanQc3147d ago

Peoples Who Watch FoxNews Are More Likely to Be Retarded

SixZeroFour3147d ago

people lose a total of 10 points off their IQ everytime they tune into or read an article from foxnews

Army_of_Darkness3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

That guy in the pic certainly does not look like your average gamer..
** Raises right eyebrow**

ChineseDemocracy3147d ago

I don't see how videogames are related to oral hygiene,like, at all.

Jim Hawking3147d ago

But why are you bagging on Fox for this? The university of Iowa did the study. Fox didn't even write the article, its an AP article.

HolyOrangeCows3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Coincidentally, I went to the dentist this week, no cavities.
(holy heck, how many of us went to the dentist in the past week??)

I wonder what FOX and CNN try saying next? Video games increase risk of parking tickets?

Darkstorn3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

That's extremely racist. Please silence yourself before you further delegitimize your arch-conservative views. Race is primarily a social construct. There is a much higher gene differential in determining stature than race (19 chromosomes dictate body shape, only 4 dictate race).

True, but Fox News made it the top story in their 'Health' section. And Fox isn't a legitimate source of news, so no one should take this too seriously.

kaveti66163147d ago

Jeez, I also went to the dentist last Friday. It's weird how many of us went to the dentist. And like Government Cheese, I was also shocked to be told that I didn't have a single cavity. And I hadn't been to the dentist in 10 years. After a simple plaque cleaning, I was ready to go. And I don't have particularly good oral hygiene. Well, I have started to take care now.

ma7ador3147d ago

to find negative parallels to gaming.

Their next story... Gaming > > Possible Fanboy Rage > High Blood Pressure

Darkstorn3147d ago

@1.7 and 1.8-
No need for ad hominem attacks on Fox News viewers.

We need to realize that people who buy into Fox's lies are victims, not perpetrators of said misinformation. They need help, and as their fellow citizens it is our obligation to assist these people in thinking critically.

ma7ador3147d ago

Couldn't have said it any better myself. Many people like my mother don't even realize there is any bias in news reporting and believe anything thrown at them. My poor mom...

REALgamer3147d ago

I must admit however, I did click the article just because of that awesome picture. =)

xXRight3yeXx3147d ago

This is what 360 owners (the fanboys) suffer from.

hamoor3147d ago

yeah yeah blame everything on video games
I heard it cause the global warming too

greatjimbo783146d ago

I was going to heavily chastise incogneato for his race related IQ studies statement, but I think Darkstorn summed up all I wanted to say.
Bubble to you Darkstorn, nice work.

By the way, what does "incogneato" mean?

HSx93146d ago

Fox makes sense, I can see a direct link with tooth decay, and playing video games, it all makes sense now.


Morgue3146d ago

Can't wait for the new Halo game so I can " Reach " for a Dew and have Cheeto stains on my fingers!!!

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Ninji3147d ago

Tooth decay is a 360 exclusive

infamousinfolite3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

And so is RRoD...
Man yall get everything!

jack who3147d ago

oh fox new your the best

George Sears3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Stuff like this is common sense. If you don't take care of yourself you won't be healthy, simple as that. This study can apply to other things you use for means of entertainment, not just video games.

As for me, I don't eat junk food. If I'm playing games I'm usually just drinking water (if by myself) if I'm with buddies then Heini or Medalla. (usually play Rock Band or GH) Either that or some reefa.

mrv3213147d ago

I've only drank water for the last 8 weeks and man is it wierd, food taste better despite the fact I'm eating less taste rich foods.

George Sears3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I hardly never used to drink water. In fact I used to hate it but a few months back (around November or so) I started drinking it regularly and tbh I've seen improvements in my skin and it has also helped me think straight when in college. I used to have headaches regularly, coincidence or not I hardly never get them anymore.

Now I substituted water for pretty much any drink. No more soda in vending machines. Now if I buy fresh Florida squeezed orange juice then water would be at hold.

skip2mylou3147d ago

water helps whats the word im looking for re-hydrates their we go it helps re-hydrates the brain because usually when you have headaches its because your brain is de hydrated and needs water i started drinking water regularly now too but thts also because im on my schools tennis team.

StylizedPlayer3147d ago

I'm on my school's football team and I find myself drinking 1-2 gallons almost daily

kaveti66163147d ago

Lmao. You guys are talking about how you rarely drink water. That amazes me. Do you guys live on Dr. Pepper?

Darkstorn3147d ago

I drink a ton of water. I piss like 8 times a day.

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MiloGarret3147d ago

Lol, priceless.

Anyone here attend the University of Iowa? Go stand in a corner. Seriously, the corner, now.

I feel like an idiot for having to point this out but... Aren't the unhealthy eating habits of americans (or whatever nationality the test subjects were of) to blame rather than videogames?

I usuallt eat fruit and sanwiches when gaming. I also brush my teeth every once in a while...