SEGA E3 Line-up

In years past, publishers have used the Electronic Entertainment Expo to announce new games, taking advantage of the global audience tuned in to the trade show. However, as it did last year, Sega has played the bricklayer, paving its road to E3 well in advance with announcements for games such as Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Ghost Squad, and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. However, while the publisher isn't using the annual trade show as a venue for its big reveal, Sega's lineup includes many games whose details have been sparse at best.

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T-Virus3998d ago

I'm BEYOND dissapointed.

MK_Red3998d ago

Great point, I had totally forgotten that Condemned 2 was a SEGA published game. I hope its not their full line-up and they have surprises like Condemned 2.

T-Virus3998d ago

Monolith MAY be showing it. It MAY be a secret, or MAYBE it's behind close doors?

ReconHope3998d ago

hmm i wonder how that will work?

Bloodmask3998d ago

about this article is that it states that the 360 version of VF5 will be online. If this is true that is enough for me.