Final Fantasy XIV - 3 hours of Gameplay leaked

German Website posted 2 Videos showcasing over 3 hours of raw Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay.
Watch the Videos after the jump.

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_vx2996d ago

i thought that was FF11 ...meh

tda-danny2996d ago

Let the leaks start pooring in...

My most anticipated game of the year!

Blackcanary2996d ago

watching the video now so hyped up for this game.

Lanontscuz2996d ago

afraid of this game ><' gonna get me into waking up at 3 a.m. to party with people again like FF11 lol

surgency2996d ago

Releasing this video with his characters name showing isn't too smart. I hope he doesn't get banned. Maybe SE will watch the video, notice that he is putting in a bug report every 10 or so minutes and let it go.

Game looks great! Cannot wait!