Video of New Project Natal Demo.

here is a video of the updated Project Natal Ricochet Demo.

it's only a few seconds of video because people are not allowed to record footage of the new Ricochet Demo yet.

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NinjaSp33d3167d ago

i found that video BORING

xplayB3y0nd420x3167d ago

why do ppl disagree at you just because you said the video was boring and is true or are they butthurted who knows those xbots are crying becuz 360 has no chance

Wrathman3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )


bored in 17 seconds.lmao

i havent watched this video yet..but im confident in saying i wont be bored in 17 seconds

im looking down the page at the comments and im the only person in an xbox article that isnt a ps3 the hell are you guys talking too?

edit* yeah im bored after 17 seconds..ok impartial can 2 people really play that game at the same time and not seriously kick and punch the sh1t out of each other?the wii had a few people put the controller thru the wont someone playing this break someone else's jaw!?

thebudgetgamer3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

it really is as boring as people say.

edit:wrathman, im sure they will make good games but this video isnt a good representation of natal.

cereal_killa3167d ago

Seriouly Wrathman how much of the M$ koolaid do you drink ffs I said this earlier ad will say it again.

both Sony and M$ released there motion controlled systems @ E3 2009 Sony shows us a tech demo and M$ shows us red balls and the bottom of an avatars shoe now almost 1 yr later @ GDC we get Sony showing us there version of Wii Play, Socom 4 and another tech demo and M$ is still showing us the same red balls and .......*crickets, At E3 2010 M$ better be showing us something else beside this stupid red ball game because if that is the case Natal is done for, I know the fanboys on here wants this to be the coming of Christ but I'm sorry Natal is becoming a bigger disappointment than the 360s reliability (RROD/E74,Disk scratching).

You need to get off you high horse take off your fanboy goggles stop doing drugs take a look at the real world for once. Both system have great games coming out but also both systems have and are making mistakes and it's blind idiot Muppet's like yourself who can't see past your the delusional world you live in.

avengers19783167d ago

And still all they show is people playing that stupid block breaker game. I thought they were supposed to have lots of games by launch, but all you ever see is the same stupid thing.

Nelson M3167d ago

You found that video Boring
Well so did i
It was Boring as Hell
So did that Chick
Thy Silly Little BoTs

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Omega43167d ago

Wow that 17 secs was interesting....

blitz06233167d ago

Looks like they're saving their best ones for E3. They'd rather not show that game on E3. Looks very... bland.

NateNater3167d ago

And that girl looks soooo interested lol


RememberThe3573167d ago

If this is the direction they are going to take Natal, then I will surely pass. But I will reserve my judgment until E3.

whateva3167d ago

the avatar is different now.

looks more like your silhouette.

3167d ago
3167d ago
sofresh2003167d ago

I'd be embarrassed to play this in front of someone. Hopefully all the Natal games aren't this ridiculous.

Blaze9293167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

that was...exciting -_-

IdleLeeSiuLung3167d ago

I haven't seen that before.... MS confirmed up to 4 players, but never seen more than one gamer at a time.

Christopher3167d ago

Yeah, nothing worthwhile at all gleamed from that, old or new.

ikkeweer3167d ago

pretty much sums it up.
Common 17 seconds, really?

HolyOrangeCows3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

What's a day without watching some random people or obscure television stars playing Ricochet?

I'll bet they switched to silhouettes because the avatars kept trying to show the bottom of their shoes.

Timesplitter143167d ago

Looks like whoever was filming was more interrested in that girl

DarkTower8053167d ago

Is that a red bong by the wall?

Godmars2903167d ago

You're being sarcastic. I disagreed.

My bad.

zoks3103167d ago

More PR crap. NATAL is going to fail hard.

The second vid was some foreign celebrity chick who got a pay check to smile for the camera no doubt, they did not even let you see what she was playing. What could MS be trying to hide?.....hmmmmmm...

Cevapi883167d ago

Now just imagine that was your friends and.....LAUGH lol

and isnt this the same tech demo we saw last about something more interesting...the girl on the couch has no time to even make fun of the guys trying to play that game lol

HolyOrangeCows3167d ago

When do we get to see something other than Ricochet and an uncontrollable Burnout demonstration?

Could we at least see them paint another sloppy elephant?

MmaFanQc3167d ago

because right now, PS Move simply rape the fck out NATAL.

Parapraxis3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

People Pong still?

Bigpappy3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Its the same game that was shown when we first say Natal at last E3.

It does look responsive though. I don't see anyone moving their hand 3 time to get the avatar to move once (Like in the fight game the move demo'd).

3XP3167d ago

How in the hell are you going to judge Natal and talk a bunch of FANBOY sh!t when the footage is based on a 17 second unauthorized random cell phone recording by some desparate dim-wit.

Yet you relentless PS3 clowns continue to make unnecessary negative comments. Honestly, I am so sick hear hearing all of the negative BS bashing that flare up from this website. PLEASE! GROW UP!

tripewire3167d ago

Really? You could see what was going on despite the fact that the screens were blurred out and censored?

You must be gooooooood....

Funny I haven't seen any Move videos deliberately censored like that.

sid4gamerfreak3167d ago

wow that was boring...

now im convinced i dont wanna look like a dumbass in my living room

DelbertGrady3167d ago

I think Ricochet is the only Natal game that exists in the pipeline. If there are any more I think they will alll be like Ricochet. I don't think MS are saving any surprises at all for E3. That would only be stupid, right? Building up expectations is just bad marketing anyways. o_O

beardpapa3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Natal holds my interest juat as much as Move does. The only exception is that I think the Move may actually entice me to purchase it if the types of games I enjoy utilize it. It appears more that the Move is geared towards the core games. The Natal I think I may play around with a lot at Best Buy or Fry's.

Like Soda said, it seems richochet-type games are suitable on Natal and we'd see more of these family-style games. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a large enough audience at home to really bring out the enjoyment of Natal. It'd seem silly since I'm primarily the only one gaming, and the significant other only enjoys PJ Monsters.

I'd rather invest in the many XBLA games that are out. Castle crashers is awesome and GeoWars still is my favorite XBLA game of all time, and those two look more appealing and fun than the richochet demo we've been seeing so many months now. And let's not forget dishwasher dead samurai!

Rainstorm813167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

She dosent look happy or excited.......more like pissed..I hope Natal doesnt make everyone feel like this come E3.

jut4203167d ago

lol @ DarkTower

It sure looks like it, but I doubt it since they seem to be at an event with the Project Natal poster right behind the girl. WTH is that thing though? Maybe it's a vase for flowers...haha

"Where'd you get that vase?"

"Oh, I found it in your laundry when I was cleaning up. It smelled awful, so I cleaned it. Doesn't it look nice?"

Microsoft Xbox 3603167d ago

the girl seems to be having a lovely time spectating.

inveni03167d ago

Am I the only one that thinks that title was a little misleading? I thought I would see something new. That wasn't new. It was updated. The title should say, "UPDATED" Project Natal demo.

That being said, it does seem to be much improved. I have to admit, I was playing Killzone 2 yesterday, and I thought, "I bet this is how they'll incorporate Natal into hardcore games on 360--valve turns and such."

forcefullpower3167d ago

That is the funny thing about this video is that the demographics that MS are trying to go for is the girl sitting on the sofa and she is more interested in her phone.

BYE3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

You can see it in their facial expressions how exciting it was.

And the girl was hella interested too. LOL typing on her phone out of boredom while facing the opposite direction...good job catering to female gamers.

avengers19783167d ago

They showed nothing in this video, they didn't show the quality of the game, they didn't show anything new(same block breaker game), and They didn't show lots of people playing different stuff...they had really better do something huge with Natal at there special E3 event or PS Move is going to roll right over them.

sikbeta3167d ago

The guy who recorded this was more interested in the Chick... lol

ikral3167d ago

Wow! Cant wait to play GeoW3 that way...

Pain3167d ago

The Girl looks more interested in her iPhone.

Sarick3167d ago

The episode at Ohiocon where there was a cursed superhero teen was in trouble they had cloe playing this game as an in show advertisement. I device isn't even out yet and they're plugging it in TV shows. They even mentioned Xbox 360.

ChickeyCantor3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

" They'd rather not show that game"

They already did... Its the exact same game the Asian girl was playing at the event.

The Lazy One3167d ago

that was the opposite of worth my time.

Syronicus3166d ago

Looks like a Natal vid. Showing little more than a couple of individuals looking like complete morons playing a game with no controller. Sorry, but Natal just makes you look dumb.

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N4PS3G3167d ago

Lame videos. Can't see anything but this must be a new version because Ricochet interface looks different.