Microsoft's Manual Deskterity project reveals pen and touch input, Courier's future?

Apple may have made its thoughts on the stylus clearer than ever at its iPhone OS 4 event, but it looks like Microsoft Research is intent on redefining what's possible with a little pen-based input and, if this recently-revealed video is any indication, we're not about to stop them. Dubbed Manual Deskterity, the project is currently based around a Microsoft Surface device, and shows how pen and touch input can be combined for a range of tasks that wouldn't be possible with just one or the other.

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whateva3175d ago

I would like to have a tablet that uses this tech.

Fishy Fingers3175d ago

That with Photoshop would be great. Touch screen tech is really progressing quickly, I love it.

miacosa3171d ago

wonder if this tech will be in that device if it ever comes out