Five PS3 games that you should not have

A "Black List" of games available on console


Little edit... ps3 AND xbox360, of course ... is not an article against the PS3, is simply against these games:)

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ReconHope2876d ago

going to rent larry for achievements/trophies. like me =)

guitarded772876d ago

Then you have to play it... :(

ThanatosDMC2874d ago

I was gonna actually buy Vampire Rain at gamestop cuz it was being sold for $5... good thing i didnt. Better spent on food.

bruddahmanmatt2874d ago

So that you don't waste your time reading this tripe, games listed are:

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
Vampire Rain: Altered Species
Rogue Warrior
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

No need to read this crap. This foo uses a biased title only for hits and then attempts to backtrack after the fact. O RLY? Then why use only PS3 covers for the games? Dumb blog post that's not worth your time. Anyone who doesn't already know to stay away from these games is an idiot.

OGharryjoysticks2876d ago

1- Demon's Souls
2- Uncharted 2
3- God of War 3
4- Metal Gear Solid 4
5- Heavy Rain should not have them because you are not worthy.

sashimi2874d ago

I have 4 out of 5 games you listed...planning to buy the last one soon too lol

Ravage272874d ago

$60 is a steal for a masterpiece that defines the word 'perfection'

mal_tez922874d ago

Didn't like God of War 3 or Heavy rain though.

Add the resistance games, Ratchet games, Uncharted 1, Killzone 2, LiitleBig Planet and inFamous for a more complete list. There are others too.

I still think the best PS3 game, if not the greatest game ever is Uncharted 1. Enjoy the gameplay much more than the sequel, I can play it for another 2 years and not get bored.

ThanatosDMC2874d ago

Yeah, i dont have Heavy Rain. I got the rest of that list.

skip2mylou2874d ago

lol you guys who say hes jealous look at the last part of what he said bubbles :D

BannedForNineYears2874d ago

Oh mah gawd, all those games make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Props for putting Demon's Souls first.

jalen2472874d ago

I am worthy. I own them all and they are all excellent games.

pixelsword2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

The Devs kept it for themselves and are currently locked in a room playing every single copy at once. All ten million. Talks are currently underway to release the game but as long as Jimmy Johns delivers, tough luck.


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TheBand1t2874d ago

I own the 2nd one.


Aery2874d ago

This is one of the top five articles you don't need to read.

Dan502874d ago

I have 3 out of 5 of the games on that list. XD I got them for lawls.At cheap prices of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.