Top 10 Arcade Classics Game Room Needs to Be Epic

From the feature it:

"As a child of the 80's, I was raised during the second coming of video games following the crash in the earlier part of the decade when wave after wave of shovelware titles swelled store shelves to the point of choking them. But as Nintendo released their Entertainment System to what would become a veritable generation of kids who would grow up on video games, there were those who would eventually stumble on the systems that had come earlier and gone bravely into the cold darkness. Now, however, with the release of the Game Room on Xbox LIVE Arcade, all of the original games on the Atari and Intellivision that paved the way for Mario, Sonic and Master Chief are back and available for download. While the first slew of them were exceptionally chosen titles and memorable in and of themselves, it seems to me that Microsoft forgot a few classics it seems. So, for your entertainment, which will most likely date me pretty well for my readers, these are the top ten games that Microsoft should pursue immediately for making available to the Game Room arcade service."

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LaurenKB1233143d ago

WOW I would love these ones on Game Zone, now Sony just needs something like this (Nintendo is already there)...

UltimaEnder3143d ago

Some of those games in the list bring back such memories, of long after-school gaming and bowls of cereal!

Godmars2903143d ago

Isn't the Tron game already on XBLA?

And LaurenKB123: Namco already did something like this, have a Home space for it though the game is playable by itself, but haven't done anything with it since.

Also, looking at the emulator for the 360's Game Room, that its doing Atari 2600 level graphics, I have to wonder if it can handle later arcade games properly.

PepperJack3143d ago

awesome list, i hope they put em in there, i can't wait