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I Am A Christian; This Industry Don't Give A Crap About Me

In recent news, we learned that Walmart is very interested in distributing the Christian games around the country, but before it invests heavily, the retailer would like to see how the games perform in broader regions first.

But other evidence points to a tough road ahead, and why in order for the retail giant to find success, the industry on a whole must change its behaviors. (Culture, Industry)

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GeneralCole  +   2062d ago
Screw religious games they are nothing but propaganda
BannedForNineYears  +   2062d ago
tdrules  +   2062d ago
*sees God Of War avatar*
haha good one
avengers1978  +   2062d ago
Would you like maybe a crusades game, or spanish torture simiulator, I got Witch Trails the burning of Salem.
It's funny how almost every religon is identical to the other yet they all hate eachother.
ChrisW  +   2062d ago
What's Good About Religion?
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lh_swe  +   2061d ago
Thank you for introducing me to this guy, he's good.
ChrisW  +   2061d ago
Sometimes Pat Condell's (the guy in the video) anti-organized religion rants can be a little extreme... but even so, they are fairly rational and based on factual evidence.
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lh_swe  +   2060d ago
He has a reason to be upset.
And I agree 100% with almost everything he says.
ChrisW  +   2060d ago
As do I...
I've been a subscriber to his channel for almost two years.
lh_swe  +   2060d ago
bubbles for good taste.
and thanks once again.
DavidMacDougall  +   2062d ago
I Am A Christian; This Industry Don't Give A Crap About Me
Anorexorcist  +   2062d ago
Much the same way as: We're Christian, so if we don't do it or believe in it, no one else should (regardless of their religion).
I am Atheist, and I am happier than I have ever been and I'm proud of it.

At least Atheists don't impose their will on everyone and don't try to make their opinions into law.
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xTruthx  +   2062d ago
Are you sure about that ? because I though they where trying to take out the "In god we trust" and they did
Anorexorcist  +   2062d ago
You must be referring to the "Under God" within the Pledge of Allegiance.
"Under God" was never writing into the original Pledge of Allegiance.

It was added to it in 1953 because of fascist Christians who follow that thought that everyone should be playing by their rules (and also by p*ssified politicians who feared any kind of backlash if they opposed it and displayed their true ideals on it.)

It was simply trying to right a wrong. "In God We Trust" is still on all legal U.S. currency.
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Jerk120  +   2062d ago
Do not talk about all atheists, as if you can speak for them, and do not talk about all christians, as if you can speak for them also.
lh_swe  +   2062d ago
1.But religion IS imposed on people, especially in America.

2.Where does he say he speaks for all of them?

Religion is not to be imposed on anyone yet IT IS, and that is why I am happy video games encourage the biggest power-play in human history.
The Killer  +   2062d ago
@ all above
"At least Atheists don't impose their will on everyone and don't try to make their opinions into law. "

very wrong assumption, the Atheist(some/many) do impose their beliefs (of the non existence of God) on others and spend billions to do mass mind control through media/music/movies/cartoons etc, the fact that France (atheist country) is banning few muslim women to cover their face is an action of imposing their belief, in Switzerland they banned building towers on the mosque which is an islamic tradition, even in muslim countries the atheist governments who is supported by the atheist governments in the west r banning even the Hijab which is covering the hair only, and the story goes on and on.

as for violence etc, well Hitler and Bush are prime examples of mass murder and war criminals and they r atheist(Bush is part of the black brotherhood/freemasons/zionist group which is anti-God)

and to compare any religion in this planet to Islam u r doing unjust to your self and to islam!!

Islam have this unique characteristics:

1: the only religion that calls for only 1 God and the unification of the Creator. there is 1 god and no 3 in 1 or 2 in 1!!!

2: the only religion in the world which preserved their holy book and it is unchanged not by a single letter for 1400+ years!!

3: the only book which works and can be implemented in any time in history and is modern and encourage knowledge as part of the faith.

4: the only book that with time more and more complicated sciences being discovered that never existed 1400 years ago and was only possible to discover/know about it through modern technology and science was already mention in the Quran 1400+ years ago(these r miracles from God to prove and challenge mankind with His book)

5: the only book that there is no errors in context/grammar/contradictions etc, so it is perfect book since it is 100% from God word by word!!

6: and the final message of God which came from his last messenger Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him, and which came for All mankind!! not just Arabs or dark skin people!! Jesus Peace Be Upon Him came for ONLY the lost sheep of Israel and this is in the bible and his said it him self too!!

so basically Islam is the only religion that came for the entire humanity and does not discriminate on any race, there is no racism in Islam!! we are all equal and the only difference is the level of being closer to God(through thoughts and actions)!! and new convert their sins will be forgiven by God mercy and can start a new life! and there is no forcing to accept religion in Islam.

so when u say all religions r similar and fighting each other and they impose to each other u r making a mistake of grouping the false with the truth!!

a story:
prophet mohammed PBUH saw a man in the desert, and he told him if he wanted to know something great? the man say yes, then he told him to believe in 1 God and worship nothing but God and that he is the messenger of God, the man asked him what proof u have that there is a God, and prophet mohamed PBUH replied by "when there is a footprint of the camel in the desert/ground, isnt it a proof that a camel passed through here?" the man replied yes, then prophet mohamed PBUH said then is it a proof that the sun and the moon and the universe and the earth and everything around us the way it is and it works the way it is, then doesnt that show that there is a being/creator/almighty/all powerful/God that made these things? the man was convinced and became muslim.
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Darrius Cole  +   2061d ago
What a loaded topic. I will try to be brief, as I am late to the discussion and most likely this post won't be read, but still there is a lot to cover, so it will probably be long anyway.

My Pedigree: I consider myself a religious person, Christian, born again and all that.

My findings: (in no particular order)

1. The most important thing is people.
2. People tend to forget that the most important thing is people. We want to reinforce our way of doing things...our dogma, our language, our way of dress, our culture etc., without considering how things look from the other guys point of view or how our views do or would affect his life.

3. Many atheists are evangelical. They try just as hard, maybe even harder, to convince you that there is no god as the religious try to convince you that there is a god, or some gods if you prefer.

4. People tend to get their culture and dogma mixed up with their religion.

@Killer - You mentioned western countries banning the traditional styled Mosques and the women from wearing the face and head covering. That is probably a reaction to culture clash and a rejection on Islamic faith. I've never lived in a Muslim community so I don't have full understanding, however, from my point of view it seems that Muslims often try not to blend in to the native culture when they move there.

When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do. The traditional-styled Mosque, I think, is ancient Persian architecture. Putting that in Switzerland goes against their culture. Why would you put something like that in France, or China, or Japan, or the England? The same goes for the women were the head-dress (is it call 'Hajib') or the face covering. Native French women don't cover their face. Why would a woman do that in France? It screams "I'M NOT ONE YOU." Think about how it looks it from their point of view.

5. Almost all people want the same thing. To live their life in peace and prosperity, in the way that they choose.

I've got to go now so I will say this and explain later if I've got the time.

If an idea is good it can withstand the challenge of other conflicting ideas.
Darrius Cole  +   2061d ago
Correction for a VERY BIG TYPO/ERROR!
When I wrote,

"You mentioned western countries banning the traditional styled Mosques and the women from wearing the face and head covering. That is probably a reaction to culture clash and a rejection on Islamic faith."

I meant to say,

"You mentioned western countries banning the traditional styled Mosques and the women from wearing the face and head covering. That is probably a reaction to culture clash and NOT a rejection on Islamic faith."

That is a very big typo of profoundly changes what I meant to say.

Also instead of,

"It screams "I'M NOT ONE YOU.""

I meant to say,

It screams "I'M NOT ONE OF YOU."

That typo is minor and it is fairly easy to tell what I meant to communicate.
alaa  +   2062d ago
Now here's a topic worthy of discussion. I agree with the points the author make about giving gamers the option to disable certain aspects they don't want in the game. Not much, but stuff like cuss words, nudity etc.

Just like they make edited versions of CDs... in the music industry.

And yes, Killzone 2 was full of uncalled cussing that was plain stupid.
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-Alpha  +   2062d ago
My main issue with Christian games from what I've come to know is that they are used to educate, and I have no problem with that. No one's putting a gun to my head to buy an educational game. Personally, I want to see some amazing games done in the name of religious overtones. We already have great ones like God of War and Assassin's Creed.

I'm not sure if a game surrounding the Old Testament or Christianity would work though. What would you do, play as Old Testament characters? Would the purpose be to educate? to entertain? Wouldn't education bore audiences? Wouldn't entertainment be controversial to holy texts?

This is why I love God of War and what Santa Monica Studios did: they took a rich, mysterious, and enchanting mythology and brought it to gorgeous life.

In fact, this is what I want to see them continue in God of War. We know Kratos' story is dead, so why not move on to other religions/myths? Norse Myth? Maybe a game surrounding Buddhism?

Religious games don't have to take on the religion itself, but pulling out religious themes has always existed in many, many games. That's what makes a story so great in a game. When they make you think, or impact you, or do something unexpected, etc.

The thing with Christian games wanting to publish in Walmart is that I'm absolutely sure we are going to see titles marketed towards Nintendo's Wii where titles are only there to educate younger children. That is why I don't really care for it. It would be interesting to see the industry tackle an actual religious story closely to the text, but they will have to be pretty bold and do something interesting with it. Look at AC2 and how they create fictitious storylines by adopting religious stories. In truth I don't really search for specific games like Christian games or FPS's-- if a game looks good to me I'll buy it. By all means, bring on Christian games. I just doubt the quality of the titles.
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Kratos Spartan  +   2062d ago
It's official
Jesus prefers the Playstation.
thorstein  +   2062d ago
I'm a gamer
And at least I can use proper grammar.

God doesn't cuss? Since when? Have you read what the Bible says? There are worse things in the Bible: incest, murder, rape, carnage, slavery...than in any myriad of video games.

Article FAIL.
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Christopher  +   2062d ago
When you go to see a movie, is there a violence/language/nudity filter? When you read a book, is there a violence/language/nudity filter? Why would there be one with video games?

The fact that there is more violence/language/nudity in all mediums is a sign of the general populace desiring as such. It's just good marketing that is following the tend of the public. Thinking that video games should be altered or have filters for language is akin to telling the people who create the games that they should enable censorship options for what they want to provide to the community. If people asked an author or a director to do this to their medium, it would be a huge issue with censorship, and it should be one here as well.

I'm sorry that you don't like certain things in your video game, but the choice is yours and the level of each is presented on the case as well as reflective of the rating of the game. I want developers to create what they envision, not two versions of the same game just because people don't want to hear what they want to say in the first place.

***God doesn't cuss? Since when? Have you read what the Bible says? There are worse things in the Bible: incest, murder, rape, carnage, slavery...than in any myriad of video games. ***

I've seen this argument before and it comes from a misunderstanding of the purpose of the material. Look at it this way, would you watch a movie about the history of The Holocaust without any reference to the vile acts that were performed against the Holocaust victims? No. The Bible's use of the other elements is done in a similar manner, as a tool to teach you what others have done and why it is wrong. Same concept as showing aborigines in full in National Geographic, to get an idea of how those people live and how they are not bothered by the parts of the body we're told to keep covered up every day.

Education can't just include only the good words and events, it has to encompass it all to truly educate someone.

Please note: I am an atheist, I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and 'lost my way' or however you want to say it. But, there is no doubt that The Bible itself is a strong tool for use in teaching people how to be better people just by showing the bad that people perform and how it is better to do good and the rewards one finds for doing as such. I learned many of my personal morals today from the The Bible, I just don't believe that there is a divine being who created us or place we go to after we die and yadda yadda yadda.

It is sad that many have instead used The Bible to fuel anger in the world, the exact opposite of what it teaches one to do.
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sikbeta  +   2062d ago
lol @ The Picture, that's so Wrong, I mean, some stuff better leave it as it is..


I believe in a God, I don't go to church every Sunday, I respect the Religions, I don't want keep talking about Religion all the Time, I know there are things you don't have to do and some of those "Rules" got more to do with Common Sense than Religion, but It's OK, I don't like the Idea of Put Religion in Gaming, I don't like the Idea of make fun of religion in Gaming, so just we can stay cool if we put [Gaming] and [Religion] aside, the same way I put [Intimacy] and [Religion] aside
xXRight3yeXx  +   2062d ago
I'm a Muslim and i have to say, i'm not religious at all. But that's not my point. My point is, that the gaming industry MUST use these strong languages. It suits what adult does nowadays. It makes it REAL. Don't you see?

I mean, if you're in a middle of a war and the enemy landed a bomb which explode right in front of you, would you say, "Oh Man" or would you say "F*k"? Please be realistic. If you don't like games to be realistic then fine, go back to playing your old NES.

If you're so worried about going to hell, then why don't you think about other things that you committed sins on? $ex before marriage, alcohol, gamble, why game?

Like my old man used to say.

"It's just a game"
Ocelot525  +   2062d ago
let the christians eat cake
ShadowRyuX  +   2062d ago
The ignorance is amazing
@thorstein, you are an idiot. I don't normally insult people especially because I like to take the high road and be as mature as possible, but you sir are a moron.

"God doesn't cuss?"
Correct, he does not use swear words.
"Since when?"
Since forever.
"Have you read what the Bible says?"
"There are worse things in the Bible: incest, murder, rape, carnage, slavery...than in any myriad of video games."
Again those aren't swear words. In addition to this incest, murder, & rape ARE ALL FROWNED UPON IN THE BIBLE. I dare you to find me ONE verse where God says "Good job my good and faithful servants you did one excellent job raping your sisters!" And murder is also looked down upon, killing is a completely different story, but murder is a SIN.

Think before you speak.

And to the post talking about movies and books. A: Most respectable books don't have swear words in them nor do they have nudity. B: No one goes to a movie thinking "I can't wait to see Matt Damon curse up a storm" they go thinking about how awesome the story is going to be or how thrilling the action sequences are going to be.

In my opinion a word is only as powerful as you make it and that is why swear words are swear words, because of the power people give them. However, while we are still in a society that frowns upon cursing in any professional setting we should also cut them from our movies and games. Its not clever and adds nothing to the plot and a GOOD writer could do much better. Regardless of religion you can admit there is so much unnecessary cursing and such in our entertainment. I highly doubt anyone thought the cursing in Killzone 2 made it better. In fact most people believed that it made it worse.
Parapraxis  +   2062d ago
LFAO @ ShadowRyuX
"Most respectable books don't have swear words in them nor do they have nudity"

Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2062d ago
let me guess
this guy wants games about killing things with guns and swords to have a nudity and language filter.

maybe he should go play LBP and banjo.


Also, Im pretty sure if I was shotting people/getting shot at in real life Id be dropping F bombs left and right.

So according to this "born again Christian" shooting and violence is not disturbing but bad language is?

WHAT A FREAKING PU$$%. Sorry, had to say it. If bad language bothers you that much, stick to the games rated E.
Cold 2000  +   2062d ago
Thats really weak.

The bible tells the story of Man. The story of people. The story of individuals

How do you want to tell the story of the being that is man without mentioning those things. That IS what we see on this earth. That IS what man does on this earth. Its a realistic portrait of the world we live in. How do you want to speak of bad and evil, about mankind in general without speaking of its bad traits ?

Moreover do you really think that a narrative of such things (by the way the Bible NEVER goes into detail on such things) is the same as actually DOING and kind of EXPERIENCING it in a videogame. Because thats what videogames are for: take us into a virtual REALITY.

Its not because the Bible mentions rape or murder for instance (and once again it NEVER goes into detail) that it puts it at the same level as videogames. It ony serves a narrative purpose unlike in videogames.
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Darkstorn  +   2062d ago
I admire some aspects of religion, namely the community building it brings to otherwise individualistic people, but you can't doubt that it isn't responsible for some of the most egregious mass killings in history.

Somehow religion seems to capture the worst parts of both individualism (self-interest) and collectivism (submissiveness) and morph them into a belief system. Religion of any kind simply isn't sustainable, and radicalized belief SHOULD NOT be as prevalent as it is today.

I think if scientists can research how the human brain handles superstition, we can come to a conclusion on whether or not religion is healthy, and then this timeless argument will (hopefully) be resolved.
incogneato  +   2062d ago
This article was most likely written by an atheist to get all the teenagers on N4G riled up so they can get tons of hits.
Christopher  +   2062d ago
***And to the post talking about movies and books. A: Most respectable books don't have swear words in them nor do they have nudity.***

So only respectable books count? The majority of fiction novels that make the Best Sellers lists have curse words in them. The majority of them also depict and describe violent acts against others. A lot of them have at least one sex scene that is described in some detail. And, even then, I think you'd find that more than half of the top 100 English-language books have cursing in them or lewd acts described in them. Heck, you do know that The Clockwork Orange is in the top 100, right?

***B: No one goes to a movie thinking "I can't wait to see Matt Damon curse up a storm" they go thinking about how awesome the story is going to be or how thrilling the action sequences are going to be. ***

Weird, that's the exact same thing I think when buying a video game. I don't buy a game based on how much blood there is, whether or not I'll be able to murder everyone, or if I get to see some nude CGI models or anything of that sort. Neither do the people who review games, who tend to not just rate games higher because they're more violent, have more cuss words, or more nude scenes. In fact, most games that go overboard with these are typically rated much lower than others and have poor gameplay.
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Darkstorn  +   2062d ago
If the Bible is all about individual triumphs, then why does it focus on creating a strict doctrine to live one's life by? It seems hypocritical to sensationalize self-discovery, and then turn around and espouse a list of rules that must not be broken.
MattCielo  +   2062d ago
The Bible DOES talk about individual triumph, but it also talks about working together and creating a better world. The only real solid God sent rules I remember are the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule. Both of which are not extremely restrictive and are basic rules to lead to a healthy society.

The REAL problem are the corrupt institutions built around Christianity. They make up these rules and spout out their own beliefs and try to force others to live exactly like they do. In the process they forget Jesus' own words, "Love one another, as you love yourself." This basically translates into don't treat people like sh!t and don't force things upon them that they don't want.

Note: I don't think all institutions built around the Bible are corrupt, but some of them definitely are.
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Noctis Aftermath  +   2062d ago
The reason why there aren't many christian games is because the bible has a fairly boring fictional tale, if you want a good fictional tale read LoTR or harry potter.
ShadowRyuX  +   2062d ago
I'm not trying to suggest that games are bad or that people play them for excessive cursing etc. What I am trying to say is the excessive cursing in ALL mediums is unnecessary. In fact your counter-argument to my point "B", cgoodno, is pretty much exactly what I am getting at. Games get rated lower for having excessive amounts of these things so why can't developers learn that this stuff should be left out or at the very least tuned down?

I still play Killzone 2 and God of War III, but if they would've have eliminated the lame cursing in KZ2 it would have been more enjoyable and all the nudity in God of War sure as heck didn't make the experience a more enjoyable one and it just felt forced and cheesy.
FragGen  +   2062d ago
Uhh... why do some Christian groups seem to think everything has to be run through some sort of Jesus filter? Why would you expect the video game industry to do anything other than create products that sell well?

What's the industry doing for Muslims? How about Hindus? Wiccans?
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ShadowRyuX  +   2062d ago
Noctis Aftermath, stop being such a troll
Seriously, I have never seen you ever contribute to an argument in a beneficial way. I don't see Christians here insulting atheists and even if they did then there is no need to stoop to there level, no need for you to insult Christianity by implying it is equivalent to LoTR. You are trying to rile someone up and it is simply asinine.
Christopher  +   2062d ago
Games get rated lower for having excessive amounts of these things so why can't developers learn that this stuff should be left out or at the very ...
Because those games that are rated lower are because it's truly excessive and unnecessary use of them.

Just because some games rate better without those things doesn't mean games with them can't rate just as well. My example was to show that the trend of games that tend to go overboard and focus too much on these elements get rated poorly.

Rogue Warrior, DOA Paradise, and those type of games. How well do they perform? Those games go overboard in one way or another and forget that important elements of the video game. Just like many movies and novels do as well. But, there exists a lot of great movies and novels out there with very strong and well established stories and events that utilized nudity, cursing, and violence... but those are used to support the story and not just to have them in.
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corneliuscrust  +   2062d ago
the guidelines they follow
ARE the triumphs. It is a triumph to successfully choose not to follow the the world and give in to its many gratuitous temptations and to dedicate your life to such a choice.

It is not easy to ignore baser instincts. And to give up your own way of life in favour of another's way requires a serious commitment... especially in the face of public ridicule and those who would be hypocritical and only do damage to that which you follow.
ShadowRyuX  +   2062d ago
I understand that, and I know there are just a few bad apples that make the whole batch look bad, but I know that isn't the case I am just trying to make a case for more appropriate content in video games. This doesn't mean all games are about unicorns and rainbows, but that they just don't go overboard. I am an avid gamer and 75% of my collection that spans from NES to PS3/360 is rated M and 20% is T. I know that many games are capable of doing things right, I would just like to see less amazing games, like Killzone 2, be ruined by such stupid things such as language.
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2062d ago
Id like to know: What does being Christian have to do with being offended by bad language? NOTHING.
Im more confused about how you have no problem with all the violence and killing in video games but are offended by bad language(I know you mention violence but the whole article is about bad words. You even say that with out the language you would not have a problem playing them). There is no commandment about Not using bad language but there sure is one about not killing people.

Do you think god would rather you play a video game simulating constant killing or one with bad language in it?

this is not a Christian/non Christian issue, its a sheltered, offended person trying to use religion to suit their own personal morals.
According to Christianity bad language is not a sin, yet you somehow try to connect the two. According to christianity murder is a sin, yet you overlook that the 'games with bad words' you complain about ALL REQUIRE YOU TO TAKE THE LIVES OF COUNTLESS PEOPLE IN THEM. Trying to sneak your own morals in on the coat-tails of religion was a nice try tho.

I think I understand why you mentioned religion in the first place. I think its because not as many people would read an article titled "Im a sheltered individual and bad words disturb me while violence doesnt: the gaming industry doesnt care about me."
#3.25 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EvilBlackCat  +   2062d ago
SIN is the TREND in videogames
The problems with Video Games, Movies, TV, & commercial this day with Christianity is that today everything that sells well support SIN or is sometimes advertised with SIN.

Today what we have in games is explicit manifestations of SIN of course we can't count Sport Games and educational games on this but the Blockbuster games like GoW, Ninja Gaiden, CoD MW, BComp etc all of them have a manifestation of SIN and the most famous and used one... KILL.

"There is no commandment about Not using bad language but there sure is one about not killing people"

well one thing that i have is that i like to read and if i remember correctly Jesus at one point teaches his disciples that cursing is wrong and is a sin but where is in the bible i really dont remember right now but i know that is there. You know what read the bible and look for it.

Anyway Fnck this I dont get offended by games that curse and killing in them because i know that ITS A GAME and i am a fncking intelligent human to notice the difference between real and video games. The only bad thing is that there is a huge of weak minded people that take this seriously and look at it like a good example for their lifes.

Seriously why do people like games like Gran Theft Auto so much? i just found them just stupid just like the movie Scarface. I like Al Pacino acting but i dont like that movie.

@MEsoJD (bellow)
"Well .... religion is responsible for some pretty gruesome events through the years"

Yes like Christians against Muslims in the medieval time but remember Jesus Christ teachings and his real disciples have nothing to do with THOSE Christians.

So remember that in the roman empire the Pagan Religion and the believe in Jesus Christ was mixed by the empire to control and conquer. Why do people blame the believe in christ and his teachings for that? is just ignorance.
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mal_tez92  +   2062d ago
I don't like swearing. Boo hoo.

This is not news at all, just some whiny little bi+c# having a cry because they don't like swearing.

As for swearing in games, it's only usually in war games. I have never been in war, but I imagine that if I am getting shot at, I'm not going to say "oh fiddlesticks, I almost darn died." What I could imagine is me saying the f-word over and over.
MEsoJD  +   2062d ago
Well .... religion is responsible for some pretty gruesome events through the years.
They can make a game about the Crusades. Maybe a game about burning witches.

(Man made God)
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cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   2062d ago
I came across this a couple weeks ago. Interesting read IMO.

"I think Square-enix is really against organized religion."
ColdFire  +   2062d ago
Christianity doesn't ban bad language, it does ban killing, but in CoD and KZ, it's the language that angers you? Please, think this through!
Mr_Bun  +   2062d ago
If you are finding that a form of fictitious software is interfering with your lifestyle, maybe you should be reassessing your lifestyle.
Chaostar  +   2062d ago
Warning may contain naughty words
#3.32 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Therealspy03  +   2062d ago
I think it's time, as a society, that we start treating religious ppl the same way we treat other nut jobs. we shun ppl that still think elvis is alive. we shun people who believe in hobbits, and fairies, and unicorns.

it's the same thing. i, for one, am glad the games industry doesn't cater to the whims of these borderline psychos.

@coldfire: thank you! i remember a few years ago i got banned from a "christian" counter strike server for swearing. actually...i got kicked because when the admin warned me about swearing on a christian server i said "so my language offends you, but my shooting you and all your friends in the face is cool?"

that's the other great thing about religious ppl. they lack all common sense. they don't derive their own values based on life experience...they misinterpret values handed down to them by other people who lack common sense.

EDIT: What i love about all this is that christians don't stop trying to make points. every time i read one of these i see the very obvious contradictions and lack of reason. i think it's because they are raised or conform to a set of values that is completely based on hypocrisy. they are so used to living in a world where they say and believe things that go against each other that when they try to use logic and reason with sane people, they don't even realize they're being hypocritical. it just comes naturally to them. and the rest of us sit here with our jaws hanging open wondering how they can believe this garbage they spew.
#3.33 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
rockleex  +   2062d ago
God cares more about swearing than killing/violence?
God has killed MILLIONS of people, according to the Bible.

Crusaders killed people in the name of God just because those people didn't believe in the same God/religion.

Priests molest little boys and the Pope tries to keep it under wraps, says its none of our business. Yet at the same time, they don't want homosexuals to be equal like the rest of us under the law.

Yet they want to determine what is censored in games and what is not? Why do they have to meddle with every single little aspect of EVERYONE's life?

If you believe in a religion, go ahead and follow its doctrines. But don't force the REST OF US to.
#3.34 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Tony P  +   2062d ago
It offends my faith that you would use words like "crap" and "piss" in your article. Please provide an alternative.
ShadowRyuX  +   2062d ago
I'm not going to say that the Christians who are either idiots or hypocrites are right, in fact some spread some very false information because not many Christians take time to educate themselves in their faith, but I will try help enlighten you guys on the truth.

Everyone thinks killing is a sin, where do they seem to get this misunderstanding? Well it can be traced to one of the ten commandments "Thou shall not commit murder". People mistake to mean "Thou shall not kill" which is wrong. War is killing, shooting someone on the street because they won't give you their wallet is murder. Defending yourself by shooting an armed robber is not murder, it is killing. It is a fine line between killing and murder, but the line still exists.

There are many instances of both murder and killing in the bible. The murder is typically punished and the killing is typically in war.

@coldfire actually the Apostle Paul tells Christians that they shall not succumb to using foul language and swears. I don't know if that necessarily makes it a sin, but it is frowned upon.

Also war in games is SIMULATED violence I think that differs quite a lot from actual violence however the curse words are actually swears.

@rocklee The catholic church trying to protect men who proclaim to be of God, but molest children is despicable and in fact disgusts me. This is the corruption of men and this why I am not a fan of church. Any organization in which people are involve will most likely lend itself to corruption. That is all I will say about that.

Finally I would like to say I am not condemning video games, I am simply trying to point out the flaws in many arguments as well as highlight why a Christian or any person my have qualms with cursing in games. And although I'm not really offended by said swears they can be annoying at times. That is all, I am reaching the end of my bubble limit, my patience and the time I have to spend on this.

Good day and please educate yourselves on a subject before you speak on it, not saying everyone here is a moron, but many are quite misled.
HSx9  +   2062d ago
If games abuse your religion, Why the hell are you still playing them?
Honestly. Think about it.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2062d ago

This coming from an atheist, you should try reading your 'bible' some time. There are many verses where God tells his followers to murder etc etc.
Army_of_Darkness  +   2062d ago
This is so stupid.
if I was a True hardcore christian like some families I know, I wouldn't even be allowed to play video games in the first place!!! GOW has no curse words, but it's Brutally violent, so If this guy complains about cuss words, then he better not even touch GOW3, let alone a First-Person-Shooter game!?!? WTF?! don't use your religion as your defense if your not even following it the way you should be....
yesah  +   2062d ago
this has to be the stupidest article i have ever seen
Ernice Gilbert you think your so much better then everyone because you don't curse? F*ck you.
Viper7  +   2061d ago
I consider my self as Apatheist and I see really no reason for already brutal games to have some sort of word filters or anything. I also don't see any point in providing people imaginary violence that gives them impression that no blood ever spills or no1 ever swears.
inveni0  +   2061d ago
Hmmmm...I've actually thought about this a lot: Why can't they make an interesting Christian game? The money there would be amazing (think what a Veggie Tales game would make...)

The problem is that anything interesting to play is repulsive to "Christians" (the ones that think video games ruin children's lives). If you did something even remotely cool (like an open world game where you're David, going to kill Goliath), you'd have to take liberty with the stories (like they did in GOW), and add lots of violence. Christians just aren't into that...even though the Old Testament is full of violence and sex and such (things that "God" ordained but Christians would freak out about if it were ever in a game).

Before we'll have any decent religious games, we'll need Christians to decide what they really have a problem with: Nudity or Lust, Violence or Rage, Alcohol or Addiction, etc, etc, etc.
tripewire  +   2061d ago
<Looks at title>

God I am so f***ing sick of whinging white middle class who all seem to carry an all-consuming sense of entitlement.

Jesus would be rolling in his grave knowing what a bunch of whiney dipsh*ts he had inspired. You know... If he was still dead.

Wait... Im just reading throught the new testament... Trying to find any part where Jesus is a self-entitled whinging brat....

Coming up empty guys....
CimmerianDrake  +   2061d ago
Ummm, they removed lyrics in a song in LittleBigPlanet for the Muslims. Which, come to think of it, actually supports this guy's argument. I guess all it takes is a group of fanatics hiding behind a religion to scare the world, thereby changing how the world responds to them, to get things that shouldn't offend anyone to be removed. Because honestly, if God (any God) is offended by words from His Holy Book being used in song, He's got a lot of time on his hands.
thorstein  +   2061d ago
Nice insult. Meh. I care not to respond to what you call my ignorance. Had you ever studied that book you would know that god created evil (Isaiah).

I bet you are one of those bible toting morons who refuse to acknowledge the Theory of Evolution as sound scientific theory that has been proven. Your bible hasn't been able to stand the test of peer review, yet evolution has. Why is that? Could it be that all you hold dear is a giant lie? But whatever, go worship your invisible zombie god. Enjoy all the hatred that has been bred from this moronic book. You say murder is a sin? I agree. But where does that stupid book stop with the sins? Homosexuality? Eating Swine? Eating shellfish? (Leviticus) Please. "Imagine no religion." (the Book of Lennon).

The only rule found in that book is one found in all religions, including the ones predating yours: treat others the way you wish to be treated (hence, why I called you a moron because you called me one).

God murdered babies. He places babies in hell to burn for all eternity... Sounds like a great guy. And don't forget that "[He] is a jealous god and you will have no gods before him." So, even he believed in the others (Ra, Zeus, Odin, etc.) The difference between you and me is simple, I believe in one less god than you do. But don't for one second, think that the bible doesn't contain all that I said and more while at the same time censoring stories of strong women (generals et al). I would suggest NOT following the teachings of that book. However, I have yet to see any Xians actually follow in the footsteps of jesus except for the famous Mother Theresa (who was, in the end, an atheist.)

The bible is fail. Get over it.
ruiner4482  +   2061d ago
I lold! hahahah
"Let’s start with the language – this one really pisses me off."
GeneralCole  +   2062d ago
Its a bunch of propaganda
Parapraxis  +   2062d ago
Most religion is.
IDvsYOU  +   2062d ago
Uh again like clockwork, these culture-less, religion haters emerge from their holes when topics like these appear. So what's with the hate if you got brains to choose however you want to live your life?
PotNoodle  +   2062d ago
Kratos is their god!

* Looks at avatars
bjornbear  +   2062d ago
culture-less religion haters?
so religious people are cultured atheists are not?

did you just insult my choice of faith?

then you are as bad as they are, you are insulting my way of life and my integrity, and the integrity of millions

see what I did there?

damn some religious people get so defensive thats why people always take the p!ss out of them, just take everything as an opinion its not personal, everyone can't see things exactly the same sometimes, especially in terms of religion

thats the problem with the world: one person doubts/challenges someone else's opinion, no one minds, a bit of a quarrel but thats it

someone doubts/challenges some else's religion? he's a rude culture-less idiot.

one day people will realize the part that lights up in the brain when dealing with religion is the same that lights up when dealing with a difference of opinion.

its just another choice in life, nothing more.

@ Element

Amen, if only the rest of the religious world (all faiths) has the basics down like you did, we'd probably not have half the amount of conflicts we do now days =(
#4.4 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
ElementX  +   2062d ago
Well, I am a pagan individual, as my avatar gives away. I don't have a problem with anybody's religion as long as it's not shoved down my throat and the followers don't blatantly attack me for being gay or a pagan. Live and let live.
#4.5 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Cold 2000  +   2062d ago
People feel immortal because they're alive and young but at the end of the day when you're on your deathbed, you realize that God DOES exist.

Everyone feels it deep down in themselves. Some just choose to shut it down.

I mean no matter where you live, in a modern society or in some tribal village still undiscoverd by man, EVERYONE's conscious responds in the same way to murder, theft, disrespect, lying, violence.

Its the SAME and UNIQUE voice in EVERYONES head and conscious. How does the man living in the Amazon jungle that has never even seen an electric device hear the SAME voice responding to the SAME things that you or me hear..

@2.8: "Society is what molds the tenets of right and wrong." And do you know on what basis western society determines whats good or bad ? The Bible... Funny even societies with no Christian influence fom the Amazon tribes to Asain cultures have the SAME limits when it comes to whats moral, acceptable etc concerning such things as mentioned above.
ust a coincidence you would say. I say its just a small element from amongst many more that same person created us all: God.
#4.6 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Darkstorn  +   2062d ago
There's a lot of propaganda out there, from religion to thinking that the Federal Reserve is the center of a conspiracy to take over the world. Critical thinking is the key.
Anorexorcist  +   2062d ago
Just stop the blind preaching already, Cold.
"EVERYONE's conscious responds in the same way to murder, theft, disrespect, lying, violence.

Its the SAME and UNIQUE voice in EVERYONES head and conscious."

It is not because of the bible or some guy with a big, puffy white beard sitting up in the clouds acting as a don to every living thing on this planet that murder and theft and violence are seen as they are.

Society itself (at least in democratic societies, so you saying everyone responds in the same way is just plain wrong) has deemed murder and violence and theft as inappropriate and wrong, not some book or some guy sitting up in the clouds.

Society is what determines these things, not some omni-present "voice" in "Everyones" mind. If that were the case, why are murder and violence and theft still rampant?

If this voice is so prevalent and so influencial on everyone's minds, why were certain things like slavery and genocide and ritual killings deemed appropriate at points in time?

Society is what molds the tenets of right and wrong, not religion. Oh BTW, did you know Adolf Hitler was a Catholic? Yeah "God" must have certainly forgot to tutor him on how to respond to violence and murder.
#4.8 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Parapraxis  +   2062d ago
Cold 2000 hear voices in your head?
Whodda Thunkit.

PS, anybody claiming to talk to voices in their head is usually (and rightly) looked down upon by society as being unstable and frankly insane, however once you say that voice is "god" it's all good.
What a riot.

EDIT: Very well said Anorexorcist.
I'm honestly too tired to go into any long posts right now, so thanks for that well spoken reasonable comment.
#4.9 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
TheGuidoGamer  +   2062d ago
Sorry but I don't think religion has a place in video games.

Religion is personal. People need to stop stuffing it down the necks of others in hopes to "turn" someone to their religion.

That is just fanatical.
Cold 2000  +   2062d ago
Adolf Hitler was catholic right ?
A catholic is a christian. A christian is somebody who lives by the Bible.

Somebody like Adolf Hitler that murdered 6 million people goes against something as simple as the respect for ones life.

Now tell me, a christian that murders he a christian or does he just CALL himself christian ?

It's not because I say that I'm christian that I am christian. It's not because I go to church that I'm christian.

It's like saying I'm a non-smoker when actually I smoke. Same goes for people (like Hitler for instance) who say they are christian but murder people.

I'm not saying a christian is perfect. You may be from a christian background and call yourself christian. But if you call yourself christian but go doing all the opposite, well to people you may be christian, but not to the Bible nor to God.

That said, Im out I gotta go, so I wont be able to respond.
Christopher  +   2062d ago
@Cold 2000
I respect your beliefs, but ask that you share your opinions as opinions and not facts.

"People feel immortal because they're alive and young but at the end of the day when you're on your deathbed, you realize that God DOES exist."

That should be prefaced with "I believe that..."
ShadowRyuX  +   2062d ago
Here we go, don't got too many bubbles left :(
@bjornbear, I am pretty sure he wasn't referring to all atheists I believe he was talking about the atheists who act like unintelligent trolls and forgo logic, reasoning and proper debating methodology in favor of anything that can get a rise out of someone.

I can't see what Cold is saying, but I can tell he is doing a poor job at defending his point. (Not surprising)

@Anorexorcist First let me just get this out of the way. I am a Doctor, I also happen to be a Lawyer, an airplane pilot, rock star, famous rapper, Grammy winning actor and founder of Microsoft. I'm sure thats pretty unbelievable and that you would want to see proof? Well the truth is I am not any of those things and no matter how many times I say I am it will not make me more of any of them as I don't have a credentials. The same goes for Hitler, he can say he is a Catholic all he wants, but when you call yourself God, kill his chosen people and millions of others there is little chance you actually are. There is a saying in the Christian community: "They will know you by your fruit" Implying that a Christian is like say an apple tree and you will know this by the fact that it produces apples, not oranges, not pears, apples. Hitler claimed to be an Apple tree, but what he produced was far from apples.

"Society itself (at least in democratic societies, so you saying everyone responds in the same way is just plain wrong) has deemed murder and violence and theft as inappropriate and wrong, not some book or some guy sitting up in the clouds."

Notice the line "at least in democratic societies", those happen to be the ones who have, at some point or another, had a strong presence of Christianity. Notice throughout history a lot of societies become a lot less "barbaric" after becoming Christians, like the Germans for example. And you can tell the difference between the once very Christian/Catholic European/American countries and the ones who were never really influenced by them such as most Asian countries and a lot of African ones as well. While places like Japan may be very advance their culture, morals, values, etc. are extremely different than that of European countries or the U.S.

Back to Hitler, you must really be grasping for straws if you are trying to "diss" Christianity using Hitler. Just saying.
Mr_Bun  +   2062d ago
Anyone looking for proof that religion hinders intelligent thought, look no further than cold2000's comments. It is funny how 'true believers' jump to a "god" argument when it is the religion that is under fire...not necessarily god
jke82  +   2062d ago
i dont have a problem with god....its his fanclub i cant stand......
Viper7  +   2061d ago
@Cold 2000

This is basic mistake in theistic view, if A is B then C must also be A.
Ignoring millions of possibilities just to make yourself look right.

You can't really say that modern society knows the right from wrong just because of the bible. Or the possibility that bible is just written by very talented man with ideals.

//Society is what molds the tenets of right and wrong, not religion. Oh BTW, did you know Adolf Hitler was a Catholic? Yeah "God" must have certainly forgot to tutor him on how to respond to violence and murder.//
"Hitler was a vegetarian, so vegetarianism is wrong."
#4.16 (Edited 2061d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CimmerianDrake  +   2061d ago
You just called atheism a form of faith. Thank you. You've just acknowledge Atheism as type of religion, the religion of science. So, let's see if any hypocrisy results now.
Christopher  +   2061d ago
You just called atheism a form of faith. Thank you. You've just acknowledge Atheism as type of religion, the religion of science. So, let's see if ...
Actually, he said 'choice of faith,' which in this case could be having the choice to not have any faith in a higher being.
Therealspy03  +   2061d ago
The christian god routinely murdered tons of people including that one time where he wiped out the entire world. i'd say hitler still had a long way to go to catch up. sounds like he was being very christian-like.

just like someone said before, it's society that determines what it means to be christian-like. if you come up with a set of rules that make moral sense that go against society's, that's something you're capable of doing on your own. not through the guidance of a book. the bible has so many conflicting stances that you have to pick and choose the ones you wish to acknowledge and live by.

in fact, i think there's one thing everyone can agree on. there is nothing more Christian-like than picking and choosing which moral guidelines provided by the bible you care to observe. hitler apparently just stopped at genesis.

there is only one real rule you must follow to be a christian: you have to believe jesus died on the cross for your sins, and then arose 3 days later and ascended into heaven. and i'm willing to bet you 50%+ of christians realize that story is load of crap (making them non-christian by definition). but if hitler was in that other 50%...he's good to go.
bobrea  +   2062d ago
Cool, nobody cares, as you said. You don't deserve any special treatment.
BeaArthur  +   2062d ago
haha, exactly. So what if they don't care about you? To be honest they don't care about any of us, only our money. And unlike a Christian we actually spend it on their product so logically they would cater to our tastes.
Nikuma   2062d ago | Spam
bjornbear  +   2062d ago
I Am A Athiest; This guy Don't Give A Crap About grammar

Why don't you buy the bible games for NES xD?

If you don't feel the industry is putting out things in your interest, either:

learn to enjoy things regardless of content (put aside some moral convictions just because it is a mere videogame, none of it is real and if your over 18, you should be able to handle it all)


if you cant because it is absolutely sinful, then do the right thing and live with it

after all, it may just be God testing you ;)
Eamon  +   2062d ago
I can understand the feelings of a christian. I've noticed the amount of Jesus jokes in America especially. And I can see how a lot of christian theology used in games/films in ways that would seem very rude disgusting or even blasphemous to them.

To be honest, I dunno whether to ignore them or sympathise with them. But I do understand where they're coming from.

But as usual, the users of this site are selfish immature little kids who comment rude remarks that are uncalled for. What do they teach kids in schools these days. Sigh..
#6.1 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
SolidSystem  +   2062d ago
do you think only christians are like that? I study many religions in my search for the answer. one of the most beautiful religions i have come across is Wicca, aka Witches!

have you seen what the media has done to that religion? even the mention of someone being a Witch, and people auto assume they are evil doing god knows what.

I mentioned i was studying Wicca to a friend, the next day their cat went missing and i was asked if had sacrificed the cat.

the thing is, I learn to get over it and if people really want to talk to me about it I am more than happy to explain what Wicca really is.
Eamon  +   2062d ago
uh, what?
SolidSystem  +   2062d ago
-_- really
what? i see christians as cry babies right now. most other religions get drug through the dirt by christians.

examples of people ignorance of other religions?
BUddah is not a god, most christians just assume Buddah is a god rather than actually knowing about Buddhism they assume.

so christians getting upset over small jokes is ammusing to me.
like i said Wicca is basically considered evil in todays society. I could mention i study Wicca, and 3/4s of the room would have a negative view of me.

the thing is, most wiccans i know are over it. they know 95% of the world is clueless to what they believe, and they get over it.

so I'm just upset that christians are up on their high horse crying over stuff like this, or upset and say they are offended, when they contantly lie and bad mouth other religions they are clueless about.
Rocket Sauce  +   2062d ago
Raptor Jesus died for your sins.

I don't have much of an opinion either way, but I do think it's a little ridiculous to be disgusted by a curse word in a war game. If it's done gratuitously, or as a weak attempt to look cool or mature, sure, I feel the same way, but I didn't think Call of Duty was like that.

Related image(s)
#6.5 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Eamon  +   2062d ago
lol, SolidSystem, I was completely baffled by your first post. I read it again, and I think I can understand.

At first, I thought you were joking about believing in Wicca.
bjornbear  +   2062d ago
@ Eamon
I agree, obviously there are many devout christians that are perfectly normal people, probably the majority, and its the same with most religions

religion is a great thing in many instances

but thats one angle

the other side is when religion is used to exploit people (vatican) and used as an excuse for violence (christianity, islamism, taoism vs buddhism, etc etc etc) and when religion makes people completely extreme when faced with an sort of argument

that side is the side that people attack, take the p!ss out of and don't take any excuses from, and rightly so

religion like all human concepts isn't perfect
Viper7  +   2061d ago
//like i said Wicca is basically considered evil in todays society. I could mention i study Wicca, and 3/4s of the room would have a negative view of me. //

Here where I live people would not consider witchcraft as religion, maybe label you as goth and see it more as "interest in witchcraft" than as a religion. Metal music rather popular in norther Europe which may have caused this.
LordMarius  +   2062d ago
I am a proud catholic and the less media that intrudes on our beliefs the better, we have enough problems with a bunch of priest doing wrong and tainting our name to deal with.
Anorexorcist  +   2062d ago
Wow, you actually acknowledge and admit to the wrongdoing on the part of Catholic Priests.
I salute you. The Pope obviously hasn't persuaded you on how to think or feel on that subject.
#7.1 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LordMarius  +   2062d ago
Im sorry but
my beliefs are not what the Pope dictates to me to follow, I stand along the voice of God and his reasoning, I know that priest and the Pope are human and thus are prone to all the evils mankind holds
Parapraxis  +   2062d ago
"priest and the Pope are human and thus are prone to all the evils mankind holds "

A terrible excuse, and this is basically what all the culprits plead EVERY time. "I'm only human, everybody has urges"


They are among the most vile people to ever walk upright. And any other persons or group would be immediately punished, yet they are not tried and convicted, they are not tossed into jails.
And I'm sorry but stuff which is going on in the catholic church is far beyond most "normal" sociological standards...200 deaf children? covered up?

The percentage of people committing these crimes within the church are well above the statistical norm in ANY society.

Celibacy is not normal, it clearly breeds perverse people or draws them in.

NO other group on the face of this planet would be able to get away with all the crimes that the church has committed over the last 1700 years, but their methods of doing wrong then playing the victim has worked so well up until now, why would they ever stop.
#7.3 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
LordMarius  +   2062d ago
what are you talking about, so you are saying that priest are not human? I am by no means defending their actions, my point is that I follow God's law not a what a human tells me, including priest. If society holds them to a higher standard then thats their problem not mine.

but I agree, they should throw away the celibacy rule

Edit: Its not "my group", its my faith. And I will ask you kindly to stop accusing me or trying to say that Im wrong. No were in my comment did I attacked atheist so stop shoving your beliefs down my(and others) throat since this has nothing to do with the OT,

Edit2: seems like you want somebody to treat you to a higher standard,lol. maybe you should try to be more tolerant of what others think. You probably live in a Catholic/Christian nation, and well thats the majority, deal with it and move on. either way you are nothing gaining anything done here preaching why you think you are right.
#7.4 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Parapraxis  +   2062d ago
Sorry MariusElijah , but hearing anybody say they are a proud catholic especially now is very disturbing.

It's your group, you choose to be a part of it.
If anybody should be mad about what's going on it's the churchgoers.
THEY should be stomping their feet and calling for action, not shrugging it off with quips like "they are just people doing people things".
Do you see that happening at all, are people in your church asking why these people aren't being treated like everybody else?

The people in power withing the church (and most religious groups) ARE considered to be "above" everybody else. And sadly they are treated that way too.
So please, don't get angry at me for getting ANGRY at them, get angry with me, and realize that Mr Pope is no divine bridge between the church and god, he is a human, who has helped perpetrate some absolutely horrendous crimes and he deserves to be put in front of a jury along with the rest of them.

And yes, FAITH is chosen.

EDIT: Higher standards eh?
I'm sorry but being a "proud" member of a group that harbours and facilitates child molesters, is not having very high standards, maybe YOU need to raise yours. ;)
And do you THINK I'm wrong for chastising the church?
Seriously, should myself and others not be mad?
disgusting man, seriously wrong.

"PROUD" He's proud to be a Catholic, and right now that's not something I was expecting anybody would have the gall to say.
If you don't understand why people going around saying they are "proud" catholics right now is something some may find offensive that's your prob, not mine.

It was his choice of words that irked me.
Whatever, i'm done trying to explain it, sorry if I offended you Marius.
#7.5 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
bboss  +   2062d ago
You are being ignorant. You're implying things that's no where near anything Marius was saying. He didn't replied like he's angry at anyone in this thread about questioning his personal beliefs. It sounds more like you're just hating at people here that does not believe the same way as you do. I have not seen any comment here forcing you to believe in their religion just cause...

And why you so disturbed about somebody being proud in being Catholic? Do you know everybody in the world? Do you go ask the people you meet what their religion is first before befriending them? The hell is wrong with you?
#7.6 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2062d ago
I am also a devoted Catholic
and i also share your views. What matters the most is that the faith is still the same which is the example of Jesus. Its the human/institution aspect that will in most case always fail as we have seen countless times in history but as i said before the faith remains the same.

No one should ever have absolute faith in a person except for God himself.

@Anorexorcist : Despite what many people think. I know most catholics are not hardcore conservative christians. I would go a far as to say that most love or respect the pope but most don't listen or do what he says.

@Parapraxis : So just because some priest did wrong all the 1 billion catholics should be ashamed of being catholics?.

Its funny how people only remeber the bad things but not the good things catholics have done.
xc7x  +   2062d ago
but it's not propaganda to majority of people in the world
how is it that most people in the world are religious yet the peeps in the minority are always saying religion is not real,maybe because they can't back up that statement ["bunch of propaganda"] with facts.
Parapraxis  +   2062d ago
"they can't back up that statement"
They can, and have and it doesn't matter, because religious people refuse to remain within the confines of reason and logic (aka facts).
#8.1 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
RememberThe357  +   2062d ago
There is a lot of propaganda in religion. Wherever there is political power there is propaganda.
But religion isn't about being a part of an organization it's about expressing your beliefs. If someone doesn't believe in anything then that is fine, but for them to say the all religion is false only shows ignorance to the human condition.

Parapraxis: Please don't make such sweeping generalizations. There is much logic that goes into religion. Many moral values that help foster a better human condition are taught through religious teaching. And there is an ability to simplify exploration of self by using religious practices. The problem that has plagued many religious organizations is that many of them don't follow their own teachings and get lost in greed and self righteousness. In other words they listen too closely to what the Devil preaches preferring physical pleasure to spiritual pleasure. I tend to prefer both :)

John HX: Sorry but your putting the idea of God in a midevil Leonardo Da Vinci like context that is far from the idea of most modern religious practitioners. The idea the something created the world is not an abstract idea and would be impossible to prove one way or another. Christan refer to this thing and a man called God and believe that this being is conscious and is judging us daily.

Whether this is true or not is not the point. The point is how it effects people. All of our action are basic on coast-benefit analysis and thus we tend to pursue goal that would benefit us with little coat. The belief that when you do something beneficial for others you will then receive benefits form others in the future (aka Karma) motivates people to help others and can foster community. Community is vital to human existence so anything that would foster community relations a growth is beneficial to us. This is only one example of how religious beliefs can have very logical foundations. But there are many more, you just have to look deeper.
#8.2 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
John HX  +   2062d ago
A wise man once said...
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

It's not up to the skeptics to disprove every random claim of potentially divine beings. The burden of proof lies on the party that made the claim, in this case the religious.

So, show us some form of reasonable, empirical evidence of the existence of such a being and we will immediately admit that we were wrong, bow our heads in shame and immediately start worshiping our newfound sky-daddy.
Ricdog  +   2062d ago
@ John HX
What constitutes as evidence is entirely subjective. Even empirical evidence is still subjective, so its not absolute.

Logic takes no sides. Using logic alone (with some monist ideas) I could show that there is no actual evidence for the moon existing.
PotNoodle  +   2062d ago
The world is full of people with different cultures and beliefs, the day we start catering media to specific beliefs and religions is the day not only our industry, but all other entertainment forms drops off the end of the world.

I accept games as they are, i personally don't care an ounce for religion, but i won't down rate a game for any religious undertones it enploys, i'll rate a game on what it is in itself, as a game, not based on my beliefs.
Ssxtreme36  +   2062d ago
who are the idiots disagreeing with you?

like i always say, if you believe in any of the hundreds of thousands of religions ever made then good for you, but just don't push your beliefs onto me
Trunkz Jr  +   2062d ago
When you go to the movies and decide to watch one, you can't make them change words and edit stuff just so you won't feel offended, well you shouldn't have to do so in video games.

Developers made their game how they want, they shouldn't have to add cussing or remove cussing, there's a reason why games (like movies) have ratings, you can see what the game will have and if it's not in the rating at which you'd watch a movie then maybe you shouldn't be playing it.
SolidSystem  +   2062d ago
Keep your god away from my god of war, and I will keep Kratos away from your God.
He has some valid points about being able to get "censored" versions of games, however when he talked about how he doesnt like where games are going in gerneral is when I got upset with the guy.

too many christians in general think I should live to their code as well. they think everyone needs to follow their believes and rules, which i find wrong.

so sure, let people opt out of unnecessary violence and language. however, those Christians have the power to not buy those games that feel are too bad. no one is forcing you to buy those "overly violent" games.

i suggest the wii, and nintendo games. those are still family friendly, and some of the best games in the industry. sorry if Kratos makes you unhappy, so dont buy it.
RememberThe357  +   2062d ago
If I want Christian doctrine I read the Bible
Otherwise, I like my games and films to be as open minded as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jesus, but I also like my entertainment medium to entertain me not so much to preach to me. There is nothing wrong with moral stories, in fact I prefer them, but blatant Christian doctrine in video games would be off-putting.
BeaArthur  +   2062d ago
You're right because you don't buy video games. I'm sorry but someone who is "of good moral fiber" isn't the demographic.
TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
I'm a Christian too...a minister in fact...
...and debating about Christianity over the internet is a disgrace to Christianity.

RememberThe357  +   2062d ago
I disagree
Any form of communicating my beliefs is a valid and useful tool to me, no matter the subject. Plus, a belief system as strong as Christianity could not be disgraced by something so petty as an internet conversation. What is disgraceful is people using a belief system to push their own belief rather then the belief of our scripture to manipulate and selfishly influence their followers.
TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
Communicating is different than debating.

Anorexorcist  +   2062d ago
Then why do so many Christian institutions advertise and communicate over the internet?
Is it wrong to speak of Christianity on the Internet, or is simply wrong to speak negatively of Christianity on the Internet?

Edit @ Below: How is it more productive? I understand where you're coming from (trolls are more prevalent on the internet who do just spout hatred and incomplete truths), but saying no one can express true, significant ideals and arguments and make a legitimate argument over the internet at all is just plain ignorant. Do you also think no kind of intelligent, substantial conversation can be had over the telephone either?
#14.3 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
Debating one on one, person to person, is much more productive on both sides. People on the internet, on both sides, tend to stand for ideals and speak things that they would never do in real life.

TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
Don't add words to my statement, Anorex. I said it's "more productive" and this is based on years of experience. I won't defend what you're adding that I said.

Telephone is better than internet, but even this is nothing compared to a talk and a handshake after.

pixelsword  +   2062d ago
Twelve, I wouldn't use &quot;debate&quot; I would say &quot;examine&quot;
To “debate” is listed among the things of a reprobate mind (Romans 1:29).
TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
Touche, Pixel. =)

pixelsword  +   2062d ago
RememberThe357  +   2062d ago
Face to face can indeed be a more productive avenue of discussion,
But that does not minimize the importance of this form of communication. As the years pass more and more people are expressing ideas over the internet and spending more time listening to ideas over the internet. An internet discussion of Christianity is far from disgraceful and can often times bring more honesty to a conversation (especially when anonymity is involved). The impotence of honesty when speaking about beliefs cannot be over stated.

But back to your first comment, I again have to stress how no form conversation can disgrace the teachings of Christ. They are too powerful and too meaningful. If anything YOU would feel disgraced to talk about Christianity, but you do not represent Christianity as a whole, only a vessel of it's teachings.
TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
Only if that internet discussion is a means to real contact and real people. Christianity has never been and never will be about lonely anonymity. Being real and open with others is what it's all about.

Anorexorcist  +   2062d ago
@ TheTwelve 2.5
"I said it's "more productive" and this is based on years of experience. I won't defend what you're adding that I said."

You may not have said it explicitly, but how else would you justify your claim that communicating (debating, convey, propagate, however you want to say it) about Christianity over the Internet is a disgrace to Christianity?

"I won't defend what you're adding that I said."

Is that a scapegoat? If it is, it's almost as good as the textbook "you must be possessed by the devil to be so objective and to question ANYTHING about God, so I will not participate in a discussion with you any further"

Edit @ Below:

All the humor belongs to me sir. You have proven my point entirely; notice how you deliberately dodged the part of my response that asked you how you specifically justify your claim that the Internet is disgraceful to Christianity.

"Never have I met somebody who would say what you just said to me in my face."

Well people tend to hang around and befriend those that are just like themselves. People tend to live inside their own private little bubble. I live in Hysperia, CA (just north of Los Angeles) if you ever come into town, make an appointment and I will gladly reinforce my argument to you in person.
#14.11 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   2062d ago
Hahaha...thanks for proving my point. Never have I met somebody who would say what you just said to me in my face. =)

Bottom line, is that you can't add words or assume what I mean. I merely mean that Christianity was never meant to be something impersonal, long-distance and anonymous. Such a Christianity is disgraceful to it's original purpose and practice. Whatever else you're adding to my words is what you're adding, not what I mean.


P.S. I'm in San Jose, California. Time and place, homes. =) I'll be in your area first week of May at Pepperdine. :)
#14.12 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
yesah  +   2062d ago
Perhaps they might say things they would not say in person, however they are talking to people they would have never communicated with otherwise. Thus sharing ideas and logic and beliefs on a grander scale, and from the comfort of your own home.

Also who is to say it is a bad thing, if they speak their full mind, something they cannot do in real life, it might be better then letting fear cage them. I am by no mean religious, but there is nothing wrong with people discussing any topic on any medium, its not hurting anybody, you and the author of this article are complaining about nothing.
BubbleSniper  +   2062d ago
look at that!

even Jesus has a ps3 Jesus always play beyond
GeneralCole  +   2062d ago
i believe religion is fake, its man made,and obviously man is a mere mortal and no god,so i cant understand why people follow these religions, religion was made to conrol the masses,and has caused more unrest and war along with money than anything, else yet, religion is meant to be this great loving belief, doesnt seems it to me.i would suggest anyone interested should read, the da vinci code by dan brown, which basically makes a mockery of religion in gerneral, henry the 8th made up his own religions because he wasnt happy with the current one, again he was a mere mortal, no jesus figure, yet dumb people follow this, i get annno at religous people, they always have to have an answer for everything, like the tsunami, they couldnt just admit it was mother nature, oh no, to them it was gods way of telling us sumthing e.c.t how brainwashed and narrow minded, why cant they admit they dont know why.religion, which is supposed to be loving e.c.t is far from it, i hate the way religious people scare monger, like they say oh if u dont believe in god u will go 2 hell and r a bad person and god will not forgive u e.c.t, im sure u have heard the kind of thing, well lets say i lived on a dessert island, had no concept of religion, god or anything, i neva believed e.c.t, does that make me a bad person?of course not,but according to the scare mongers u wud be going 2 hell,even if u had lived a pleasant life, which in turn makes me realise that people r brainwashed as young kids into certain religious beliefs, for example the kid on the dessert island had no brainwashing and lived nice life, but lets says that same kid was born in jeruserlam, im 100% certain that kid would have been brought up as a muslim and would be preaching simular teachings to his parents, which 2 me makes it obviousl that it aint real is man made e.c.t
what happens in this world is random chaos i beleive, no one knows why or what, we should all concentrate on living the best life possible, we r only here once.religion is for weak minded people who need a higher being to believe in in order to give there own life a purpose, i myself believe in myself, no one else, end of the day who else is gonna get done for me.

as for jesus, the so called son of god, there is no recollection of wrightings of him.

there is not one single bit of recorded written info on jesus during HIS acual lifetime, i find this hard to believe as in them days that was their way, they wrote everything down, from who was in power to the trends at the time, and what, not a single mention of jesus, he was supposedly gaining flocks of people following him, surely one at least would have at least mentioned this mirracle worker called jesus, but not a word, i ifnd this strange, please try and prove me wrong, ive read the bible and many other pieces and remain confident nothing was written in his lifetime,WHY NOT.

the first writtings of an jesus figure was but the first disaple, who first wrote nearly 70 years after jesus death, why no writtings of jesus why he was alive?the fact that the disaple would have been around 140 years old doesnt even enter into these brainwashed religious kind, i.e. he would be dead.
i believe jesus was a mythical figure, who wa the subject of many writtings to make people act in a good way, in an uneducated time.
John HX  +   2062d ago
And the nominations for &quot;Most Hard-to-Read Post on N4G&quot; are...
...Actually, no, there's no need.
You win.

Jebus, that post is a a complete clusterfrack.
Eamon  +   2062d ago
You've made many valid points such as people using religion to control the minds of the masses and to cause war etc.

But think about this. What if religion was real but only that specific "person" was using it to his advantage? Therefore it makes religion innocent and the evil and wrongdoings were by that person, not the religion.

I'm convinced that us, human beings, must have a more significant reason for our existence. I cannot accept that we were simply at one time apes and we happened to evolve into more intelligent beings. There has been no real proof of this occurence and also, there has been no recorded event of a member of a species evolving to another species of intelligence that completely outranks their previous state. Yes, there are animals and creatures that can evolve for example caterpillers and butterflies. Or mammoths and elephants. Or Sabertooths and tigers. But the level of intelligence have no significant difference.

A lot of people reject religion due to how it's portrayed inthe media. You mentioned you are 100% sure that a child from Jeruselem would be brought up as a Muslim. Just to correct you there, Jeresulem is currently under occupation by Isreal so there is a split population between Jewish settlers and Muslim palestinians. Also, the population has become mostly Jewish now but anyway.

You should not completely reject religion because of how a couple of men have used it their aims whether right or wrong. Go and research. Speak to people. Do not get brainwashed by the media. The smart people are those who use their brain and logic to make their own answers instead of taking others'.

As for christianity, it's been recorded that the Bible has been drastically changed and altered throught the couple of thousand of years since it's origin. So, you could consider that to be not very reliable since the original was altered by men (who like you said are mere mortals). I've researched that the Quran has stayed the exact same for over 1400 years since there are museums holding some texts that have been proven to be that old; so maybe that's a better way to start?

Do not completely reject the existence of God. Imagine if you were completely wrong? Imagine that there really is a God! And he's not very happy with the idea that you are rejecting his existence. You may ask, why does he let bad things happen like natural disasters of man-made destruction and wars. I could answer you by saying that God wants humans to have free will. To make their own choices. Maybe because God believes that all humans have a bit of good in them? At least think of having religion as spiritual insurance after you die.

I'm currently agnostic and still researching but I cannot reject the existence of God. The fact we all exist on a planet that provides are basic needs of life such as sunlight and water. Our Earth is neither too far away or too near to our Sun. Scientists have theorised that the chance that our planet can be placed in such a perfect posiiton in our universe is so small it can be considered nothing.

So to reject that our existence has any significance and that we were all born by chance and that there must be nothing for us after death is wrong. I will not accept that us humans have no point or significance for exisiting. If that were the reality then really, having morals or living your life to the max or whatever is pointless since there is nothing for us after death.

So don't give up so easily. Challenge the fact that we cannot exist for no purpose. I sincerely believe there has to be a purpose to all of this.

Of cours, the existence of God can never be truly proven. That's the test here. It requires faith.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2062d ago
At least space the paragraphs and use marks beyond ",". Try the SHIFT button once in a while.

Not trying to criticize your grammar or something (I'm no native english speaker, I probably run around messing a lot here too) but this was actually hard to read for real.

Edit: Use a layout more like Eamon did.

Beside that, both os you have valid points. I happen to tend be more aligned to what General said. With we are going to be cientifically precise, the odd of Jesus ever existing is way lower than most christians would like to know. Specially if you math in the fact that most of Jesus mythology (just like the whole Christian religion) is not-so surprisingly similar to many religion tales from before his supposed born.

That said, I recognize the importance of religions in our society although the history and can see many good points of a religious education even now-a-days, but I for one will let my kids choose when and of which religion they want to be part of, if any all. I myself was raised as a Catholic Christian, now I would fit better under the hole of sceptical agnostic, won't rule out a god existing, but I see no evidence or clue for its existence too.
#16.3 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Eamon  +   2062d ago
Thanks for spending the time to read my huge mega essay, bishop-br.

But I'm down to my last bubble so I've decided to use it to thank you.

GeneralCole  +   2062d ago
Atheists for the win
LordMarius  +   2062d ago
lol, and you speak of propaganda
I love how people say "At least Atheists don't impose their will on everyone" but yet here you are writing essays trying to convince others(or yourself), lol
#17.1 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
BubbleSniper  +   2062d ago
vader1231231  +   2062d ago
This guy is a complete moron and an idiot... He should stay away from video games if he's gonna b!tch about language.

What does he think they say on the battlefield? "Oh crap my darn gun jammed!"?

I also find it funny that this moron is against foul language but not against killing people in the game. I thought christians were supposed to be against killing?

Seriously, this @$$hole pisses me off. He's a hypocrite, just like all Christians. I guarantee you he's cursed before...
loo  +   2062d ago
I can't tell whether the person who wrote this article is being satirical or not, but if he/she isn't...
He/she complains about inappropriate use of swearing in videogames, yet he/she is swearing pointlessly throughout the article (also the article is badly written and there are spelling mistakes dotted around the place, but I digress).

And jesus christ (lol), to top it off, is he/she asking for christian based action games? I quote 'And why in the world a good action-packed Christian game hasn’t been created? I’m not talking about the low budget Left Behind series; I’m eluding to God of War type action games, especially stories from the old testament.'

Well the simple reason behind this would be Christianity itself; I can't imagine the controversy induced if a game were to come out that streamlined religious events into an action game, I'm pretty sure it would be brought up in the papers. I mean look at the fuss that Dante's inferno caused and its not even based on the bible. I also love how he/she refers to the action game God of war 3; he/she spends the whole article complaining about violence/nudity/swearing and then says that there should be a christian game like God of war 3 which has both a plethora of sex and violence?

This article better be a joke, or else it is possibly one of the worst that I have ever read.
diggler  +   2062d ago
What really amazes me about this story is, that the writer is having problems with some bad language, but doesn't care that he has to kill hundreds of people in the named games.
Sorry to say, but that's really double moral standard, hidden behind religion.

I'm from europe and i was also raised as (moderate) christian and i can't remember that the ten commandments say something about bad language or nudity, but i remember an important rule "You shall not kill".

I'm really getting sick of people saying bad language and nudity is evil, but going to war and killing people is right.

Religion has to stay out of the gameing industry, otherwise it's some kind of censorship.
Like somebody already said above, you also have to watch a movie like it was intended.
PirateThom  +   2062d ago
The game industry isn't here to cater to "Christians" or, in the case of this article, someone who seems fairly confused.

Firstly, the Bible has more sex and violence than any video game. Don't believe me? Read the thing.

Secondly, cursing isn't really "anti-Christian" anyway. Not "polite", but also not against any religion, unless I'm mistaken (but, I'm not).
kydrice  +   2062d ago
A game based on the inquisition would be sweet. Let me hunt down pagans and give me 120 different torture devices to unleash on those blasphemous heathens.
GeneralCole  +   2062d ago
@John HX
You know im right

Cause your not denying it
KeiserSosay4788  +   2062d ago
I'm fine with Christian games, won't play them, but fine with them...there are all kinds of christian entertainment, why not video games? I'm fine with religion having forms of educational entertainment, although as long as religion doesn't become mainstream. With all due respect, the last time Christianity was mainstream people were cutting each others heads off and putting them on sticks
Baka-akaB  +   2062d ago
i dont think it ever stopped being mainstream , nor did the crap and atrocities done in its name really stopped .
#24.1 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Strikepackage Bravo  +   2062d ago
You know what
the problem is, most young people, and almost all of the entertainment industry are liberal and secular, this is why shows like Family Guy that bash Christ exist, and do so well amongst young folks.

These people can't imagine anyone under the age of 40 still actually believes in Christ. Most of the folks who produce our movies, music and games think that we are all like them, a bunch of godless, wannabe secular European close minded pr%cks.

I suppose if Christian gamers make enough noise, let everyone know they are there, game studios MAY put in options to turn off bad language and nudity.

Personally as a Christian myself, unless it is blasphemous, or in someway anti Christian, I could care less about the violence and language. You really can't expect folks who think God is just an imaginary man in the sky to have very high standards for anything outside of their own wants desires, and made up issues. Im looking at you global warming. ;)
DelbertGrady  +   2062d ago
"a bunch of godless, wannabe secular European close minded pr%cks."

Close minded you say?
John HX  +   2062d ago
Well then, I guess we're lucky to have such a shining beacon of equality and tolerance as yourself in our midst.
mcgrawgamer  +   2062d ago
strikepackage; while I can't co-sign everything you said (the wannabe secular part). I do agree with most of it.

I love God I believe in him. We all believe in something even if it's believing in nothing.

the answer is simple if you ask me. I've never been a victim of peer pressure playing games with vulgar language and violence is not gonna cause me to go on a cussing binge while stocking up on weapons and ammo.

If it's that big a deal to the author pick up another hobby I say.
Baka-akaB  +   2062d ago
@Strikepackage Bravo

That stupid bit of biggotry is as anti-christian as it get imo .
DelbertGrady  +   2062d ago
Christians need to grow up.
FragMnTagM  +   2062d ago
The world will not bend towards one religion. There are thousands of religions and within those religions there are even more divisions or sects (denominations). Christianity has: Catholics, Protestants, Latter Day Saints, Adventists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Puritans, Lutherans, and so on. Really that list could stretch for a very long time. If Christianity were real, why the need for all the denominations? Wouldn't one version suffice? Why is there an Old and New Testament?

As soon as I get some evidence I will believe, but until then I am worm food when I die.

I don't hate religions, I am just put off by the followers. I don't have anything against the positive things in the Bible (however scarce), but I do have a problem with stoning a teenager to death for disobeying. I do have a problem with god directly telling certain people in the Bible that it is OK to slaughter countless people in his name whilst also raping the women and enslaving children. There are literally hundreds of instances in the Bible of these atrocities, but they are OK because of a few good messages strewn inbetween? SERIOUSLY?

For the people who want to deny it, I will open my bible and point to the sections:
Murder, Pillaging, Rape
Deuteronomy 20:10-18 NLT
Murder, Pillaging, and Rape of Midianites
Numbers 31:7-18 NLT

I can go on forever, but that should suffice.
lh_swe  +   2062d ago
I can't agree with you more.
It's painful to see how desperately fragile religion is in most peoples mind, they have no justification for their beliefs beyond their own faith and they think they know everything there is to know about religion but they haven't even touched the surface. More often than not anti-religious material is not read by religious people as it is blasphemous or in some way they don't think they need to read/wach/listen to it.
ikkeweer  +   2062d ago
Everyone feels it deep down in themselves. Some just choose to shut it down

Wow, you really believe that? Glad I never include myself in everyone, but somehow feel that everyone wants me to believe that it should include me.
Guess that's religion in a nuttshell.
Religion/ Politics, all the same, sell the fear well enough and you will come out on top.
#27 (Edited 2062d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FragMnTagM  +   2062d ago
Well said
sir. +Bubble.
Prospero666   2062d ago | Spam
Captain Tuttle  +   2062d ago
If companies thought they could make money on religious games you bet your ass they'd be making them.
AstroZombie1  +   2062d ago
Religion = lol
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