Nintendo Life: High Voltage Conduit 2 Interview

When it comes to Conduit 2, High Voltage Software's sequel to their debut Wii first-person shooter from 2009, Nintendo Life knows a couple of things: that stuff is going to blow up and it will feature a whole host of new multiplayer bells and whistles, including a new co-operative mode.

Inquisitive minds that they are, they got a few queries in with Conduit 2 producer Josh Olson to find out more about the additions to multiplayer, Agent Ford's expanded arsenal, whether MotionPlus is in the cards and more.

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SpoonyRedMage3169d ago

motionplus as an optional would be good.

The situation with The Grinder does really weird. Their other titles are still exclusive and they completely changed the game for the PS3/360/(PC?) so what was the point? They could have made it a separate game... might be to increase publisher interest.

tunaks13169d ago

sounds awesome,
they're adding cop-op, more online options, and its pulling some inspirations from metroid prime for single player, thats always a plus.

SinnedNogara3159d ago

Really good so far, now they should add Classic, GameCube & USB keyboard controller support, to keep the game fresh.

Myst3159d ago

"Team Invasion mode allows up to four players (either online or locally via splitscreen)"

Local splitscreen of four players, now that's what I'm talking about. Personally would like for them to utilize Classic Controller or at least Classic Controller Pro (since it's now being shipped out), but from what I've read in an interview they stated that the Wiimote utilizes the guns the best. Either way this game is shaping up quite nicely and probably going to get it. I still need to go back and get the first one sometime this summer.

SinnedNogara3159d ago

Someone needs to give HVS the Turok license so they can remake Turok the right way, by keeping Turok in the old time-traveling warrior story and Wii controls.