How the PS3 Got Its Groove Back

Complex: It was May 2006 when the Playstation 3 awkwardly ambled into the room, late to the console party and already drunk, the hardware version of that dude hitting on everyone's girlfriends while spilling beer on your Jordans. From the moment it entered the fray, the PS3 was on shaky ground-which was a surprise to everyone. The PS2 had conquered the world, paving a golden path for the PS3. But Sony made some serious errors in judgment; from the jaw dropping price announcement to the sheer size of the PS3 console itself, at times it seemed as though they were trying to dig themselves a hole

But over the past several months, it's started to look like Sony has sobered up

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Hellsvacancy3143d ago

The PS3 is on fire, and soon as the mighty Gran Turismo 5 (finally) turns up itll really hav everythin

Silly gameAr3143d ago

This a pretty entertaining article and pretty much sums up how Sony f'ed up the PS3 launch. Now, that's all water under the bridge (to most) and the games keep coming and Sony keeps rolling ahead.

Looking forward to the future and what Sony has up their sleeve for the PS3.

Kratos Spartan3143d ago

Your the Playstations. You show up and stomp all over Big Nintendo. You break records with your sales, changing the industry with your tactics. You put Sega out of the hardware business. You survive the handheld market against Big Nintendo where countless others simply could not. Right now your ego is just exploding with confidence, and you say to yourself, "I can do anything I want to, no matter how absurd and still survive." And then you do it. And now it's paying off big time. No other console manufacturer could have done what you have and lived to tell about it. None.

Hotel_Moscow3143d ago

thats beautiful copy and paste to 4chan

no seriously copy and pasted to forcan its under v

Kratos Spartan3143d ago

don't know what you're talking about. No copy and paste??? show me what your talking about then.

Apocalypse Shadow3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

ps3 was NEVER on shaky ground to begin with.the only problem sony had was the massive amounts of FUD spread to try and destroy its sales and a recession.but one company(without naming names) went out of their way to give you an idea that sony was failing.but that's definitely not true.

need proof?

sony sold over 100 million consoles twice for 10 years before this era started.correct? is a FACT.that is a very successful pedigree.but,what on average would you have to sell per year to make 100 million after 10 years?

10 million a year.correct?

so let's see,even at a HIGH price,even WITH competition,even with games at launch that didn't take ADVANTAGE of the hardware....

sony still sold 10 million a year.ps3 has been out for just over 3 years.and ps3 is sitting around 35 million or more.on average,that's 10 million a year.exactly what sony has done before.the haters said sony had NO COMPETITION.but even WITH competition this time,they are still meeting their goals.7 more years at 10 million and that's another 100 million consoles sold in 10 years.

and......just to add insult to injury,sony was selling ps3 for more than $399 at one time,and was constantly outselling one of the competitors before the economy tanked.but sony still sold 10 million a year during the recession.

but keep rewriting is just going to prove the haters wrong just like what i said above.ps3 NEVER LOST IT'S GROOVE to the masses.only to those that had an AGENDA to destroy a legacy.and follwers who believed in that agenda.

Bathyj3143d ago

I'm not reading this because to me PS3 never lost its groove.

Been a happy owner since day 1, even when PS3 apparently had "no games" yet I was playing Resistance, one of the best launch title ever, up there with Halo and Mario64. And it didnt take long for Motorstorm and Heavanly Sword, two titles I still rarely see graphical equals for on other machines.

The only "real" complain people could have against the PS3 was price, and you knew that 2 years before it came out, it shouldn't have been a shock to anyone, and I had plenty of time to save.

I dont get why PS3 has simutantiously been one of the best consoles of all time and one of the most hated as well. I guess I put it down to 2 gens of domination and people will always try to cut the tall poppy.

I also dont get why Wii gets a pass for abandoning gamers in favour of nongamers and no one cares because their sales figures are so good. Wii is easliy the worst console I've ever owned and I've own most of them while Sony is the one pushing games forwards and fighting the world the whole way. I'm glad I finally traded my Wii for a new Elite.

Man, things are gonna change when I'm King.