Phase 2 Of FFXIV Beta Should Reach PS3

Square Enix have said that phase one of the Final Fantasy XIV Beta is unlikely to reach the PlayStation 3, but are hoping for phase two to support the console.

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movements3146d ago

It had better, Final Fantasy became something on the PS3...

himdeel3146d ago

...but hope to get into beta eventually and will buy this game when it drops.

NegativeCreepWA3145d ago

"Final Fantasy became something on the PS3"

Get your facts straight it became something on the NES.

Foliage3145d ago

I think he meant to say:

"It became something GOOD on Playstation."

Playstation has put Final Fantasy where it is today, it took separating from Nintendo's misdirection and dated technology to final realize their potential. Sadly these days they are furthering themselves from the company that made them, and it shows in the poor quality of their work.

Lionsguard3145d ago

No..FF STARTED on the NES, FF came well known worldwide when FF7 came out. FF7 broke in millions to the RPG genre. Before then, the series was a niche genre and was only a hit in Asian territories.

NegativeCreepWA3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

FF VI was on SNES which many people including myself consider to be the best FF.

Anyways, I hope the PS3 beta starts soon because the FFXIII code overrode my PC application.

I really want to try it, i'm kind of afraid its going to lose its hardcore appeal though.

FF made the PS brand more then the PS made FF. I bought my first PS for FFVII.

Reibooi3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

@Scar 360WA

I don't know about the FF made the PS brand more then the PS made FF.

ALOT of what the Final Fantasy series is now known for was possible only because of the PS1 and that's why Square jumped from Nintendo to Sony because the N64 could not do ALOT of what they wanted to. The games in the series became as cinematic and as epic as they did because of the PS1(the music as well the CGI would not have been possible on the N64). The series would have been severely held back had it not come to the PS and in that way the PS helped make Final Fantasy but at the same time games like Final Fantasy that used the PS to it's fullest was what built the PS brand.

execution173145d ago

i knew i should of saved that code for the special item

NegativeCreepWA3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

I agree, and know the PS allowed FF to do things the N64 wouldn't be able to, but to me the FF series did far more for the PS brand. For me four games defined the first PS FF, MGS, TM2 and GT.

I dont know why, but for some reason it bugs me when people act like FF started FFVII, and think Square owes Sony anything, I think Sony owes Square for the millions of users its gained Sony over the years.

Tricksy3145d ago


its a pretty awesome website.

Im really excited awaiting this game. FF14 will stay alot closer to the FF roots then FF13 did. You cannot get a more open world than that of an MMOG. The textures of the fantasy world are just intense, its a beautiful game. This MMO is going to be killer. You should all take part.

My planned guild has about 20 hardcore people for sure joining and another approx. 20 possible members, if you are interested in joining it send me a PM.

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NateNater3146d ago

Square, just give me some VS news and I'll be satisfied

mjolliffe3146d ago

Just give it to us Square!

DarkBlood3146d ago

hope i get accepted into the beta for the ps3 version

scruffy_bear3146d ago

I would love to try the beta

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