GameZone: ASTRO A30 Gaming Headset Review

GameZone's Michael Lafferty writes,

"Separately, the headset is a great bit of gear. Bundled with the MixAmp, it is the last headset needed for multiple functions. That, in itself, is what sets this headset apart. No, it's not wireless, but for the quality, comfort and overall functionality, giving that up is worth the end results."

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Nakerman3175d ago

I've got one of these but still no tried it out, must get to it!

athmaus3175d ago

if oyu dont want send my way ;)

Blaze9293175d ago

sounds neat. But I'm more of a Turtle Beach kidna guy

likedamaster3173d ago

X41's are the best wireless headsets money can buy. 7.1 too!


I got the A40's back in December and I love em alot.Didn't think they would make a big difference in how you play games like MW2 or BC2,but they do.As a matter of fact,they're great with any game that has a precise 5.1 mix.With the mix-amp,they're $250.00...but well worth the money!

Kyrwolf3175d ago

Ya, he notes in the story that the headphones are one price and when bundled you add the price of the MixAmp. Got a pair and agree with DaGR8JIBRALTAR, they are really good. Had some Turtle Beach phones, but these are my favorites!

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