Rumor: New Info Killzone 2 and God Of War

Here's some new info about killzone 2 from an insider who supposedly has seen a trailer of it. Here are some quotes…:

"There are two things i have to share with you guys, you can take it for what its worth i dont really care if you believe me or not, but if i didn't share it, id feel bad, i cant hold it in either so here it is…
1. God Of War 3 is in playable form, its going through testing cycles right now
2. Killzone 2 looks fantastic, nobody is gonna be disappointed
i cant confirm if God of War 3 is going to be at E3 this year, but know that is very heavily on its way and killzone looks freaking awesome, you guys are gonna love it
don't ask how or why, just take it for what it is, youll see tomorow"

"I have no idea about the God Of War stuff, someone broke their NDA today, it was pretty funny, haha
I wouldn't say Killzone looks as good as the trailer, id say i was definitely blown away though, i don't know anything about how it plays, and i cant confirm any of the other rumors about it, but the lighting was awesome, textures looked super clean, explosions were top notch, animations weren't like, scripted but its Killzone if you know what i mean, arrrrghhh, i hope i see more tonight as in after the even in Santa Monica, i wasn't as indulged as i wanted to be"

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o0o ROZZA o0o3845d ago

We will see for ourselves in a couple of days wont we!!!

AznSniper3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

actually the killzone 2 conference is tomorrow night so lets just hope something leaks out after that

Firewire3844d ago

I say all this is bull crap! They haven't even started GOD3, its in its very early stage, there isn't anything to even test yet! And I don't believe this crap on Killzone either.

Like someone at Sony leaked crap to this idiot on 2 of there biggest franchises right now. Get Real!

ArduousAndy3844d ago

WOW this story has two flaws in it.

1. saying that God Of War 3 is being tested now is like saying the sky is blue. Its obvious
2. And to say that Killzone 2 is going to be awesome. Thats like Sony Microsoft and Nintendo saying there systems rock. He is an Insider of course they are going to say things like that.

This story is crap

SimmoUK3845d ago

hmmmm... I don't believe him but it is possile as there all setting up today and Sony studios have previously seen the game, still don't believe it though...

wildcat3844d ago

But if it's true, GOW 3 would be one of the biggest and most unexpected shocker.

original seed3844d ago

They always post [email protected] without any proof. Please stop posting "news" from this site.

GoLeafsGo3845d ago

God Of War 3?
Are you kidding?

Jaffe, himself, confirmed [around April] that he had just started with the CONCEPT of GOW3.

There is NO WAY, in hell, GOW3 is in any form, whatsoever, just yet.

masterg3845d ago

Jaffe has nothing to do with GOW3.
And since when do we believe what anyone says.

Not that I believe this guy, but the game industry says what is best for them and not necessarily the truth.

Sony said the PS3 was not gonna drop in price. The next day it dropped.

Kleptic3844d ago


the rumors with Jaffe are about the possibility of another Twisted Metal game being announced...(which would be even better than GOW 3 as far as I am concerned)...

Gorgon3844d ago

Actually, Masterg, there´s a video interview where Jaffe says that he started to write down the concepts for the next GoW. Go to gametrailers and see it. So he HAS a LOT to do with GoW3.

This news are complete BS.

Blankman3845d ago

ahhhh am totally bummed on GOW3. They need to take their time with that game develop a new engine and really try to push the ps3 even though they probably wnt get more than 50%. This would be a totally awesome game and definetly a system seller. The way 2 kinda leaves you hangin basically leaves you begging for more. They could even offer some collectors edition for 80bucks or more to include gow1 and 2 in hd in 1 blu ray disc along with 3. hahaha now dat wud be a wicked wicked buy

JIN KAZAMA3845d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

because he says, "I wont say it looks as good as the trailer". That to me sounds plausable, because I just cant see ANY game, INCLUDING CRYSIS, competing with that trailer. That trailer was superior to any IN GAME action. I do believe that the game will look AMAZING and FANTASTIC though, probably right up there with Crysis.

So this is to ALL the Xbots, KNOW what i am saying, a true, SONY FANBOY.

I dont believe that the game can look like the trailer, but it will be DAMN NEAR CLOSE.

@NASIM: You're a fellow comrade of mine in the battle between PS3 and 360, and you're a good soldier, as I am, but I gotta disagree with you on this one.
If you're right, I'll buy the game for YOU!

Hayabusa 1173845d ago

Thankyou for the timely disclaimer.

nasim3845d ago

with the CELL processor you have all chances of reaching the e3,2005 trailers.

Guerilla is doing deferred rendering for KILLZONE 2 which in normal terms can only be done with a DX 10 based card or a full fledged OPEN GL 3.0 based card.

expect wonders at e3.

i am confident that Guerilla would meet the target render at e3,2007

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