Socom 4 Beta Confirmed

Ironstar writes: "Our friend and Ironstar comrade Treezy attended the PlayStation Move event in Seattle and its worth pointing out that there will be a Socom 4 Beta for PlayStation 3."

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Liquid_Ocelot3175d ago

I like the sound of that. Hopefully we[Socom Confrontation owners] get invited... Since we can tell from a sh*tty Socom lol.

Well tbh, it wasn't that bad as many people said. I had lots of fun in it. Good to hear that there will be a BETA. Every game should have one.

FanOfGaming3175d ago

Lol. Man I have faith in Zipper; this Socom will be awesome from a competitive gamer's perspective.

Liquid_Ocelot3175d ago

This time is Zipper Interactive(older Socom's and MAG developers for those who don't know).
This time it will be a REAL Socom, I can't wait for it.

spektical3175d ago

confrontation had a horrible launch day, but now its a pretty good socom game, a little too late though. I jumped ship after the first month, god was it horrible.

FanOfGaming3175d ago

yeah confrontation is pretty good know what I just may play it tonight after some rounds of BFBC2.

Liquid_Ocelot3171d ago

Bubbles to those who replied to my comment.
Like many of you said, Socom is nice(even though I can't play for shît anymore:[ ) it just had an horrible launch, and SlanSix took WAY too much time to address its problems. Still, had lots of fun with it even when there were MAJOR problems(specially me, weak ass internet).

Socom 4 will be the shît xD

Liquid_Ocelot3171d ago

Ugh, can't fu©king edit my comment from my BlackBerry, lol.

I meant, Slant-fu©king-Six. There (^_^)

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interrergator3175d ago

i cant wait to use it for ps move it should be intresting i just wana know the price of move :)

Liquid_Ocelot3175d ago

I want to snipe using PlayStation Move xD

FanOfGaming3175d ago

Sniping with Move is gonna be awesome LOL =D

Microsoft_Spokesman3174d ago

Blocking big red balls is just as fun.

Liquid_Ocelot3171d ago

Lmao @ Microsoft_Spokesman, xD funny shît

On-Topic: I want to see if we truly have the advantage over people using the DualShock3. I'm sure we will >:D

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PirateThom3175d ago

Considering how good the Netcode for MAG is and considering SOCOM 4 will, obviously, be a little smaller scale, I expect a fantastic online experience if anything.

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