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Crytek Needs To Put Up or Shut Up About the Console Versions of Crysis 2

For the last couple of months, Crytek has bragged on about Crysis 2 being the best looking game on the PS3 and 360. They claimed that they "hit the graphical ceiling" on the PS3 and that the 360 and PS3 versions are identical (Which raises some eyebrows, considering that the Ps3 has been leading the graphical charge on the consoles for a while). So with all of this talk, when will Crytek show us some evidence of such? (Crysis 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

FangBlade  +   2006d ago
"Anyone can take advantage of PR talk.....but can you take advantage of both the Ps3's and 360's hardware?"

I think they're just using the reputation they gained after Crysis 1 to promote the consoles version. Crysis 2 will look great no doubt but not as good as Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 that's for sure.
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Gradient  +   2006d ago
People talked a ton of mess about Killzone 2 before it was officially shown running on a Ps3 in real-time
Why should Crysis be any different, considering it's the game that will 'push the Ps3 to its graphical ceiling' ?
ClownBelt  +   2006d ago
It's all talk.

Then again, anyone can max out any system just with bad programming.
Fishy Fingers  +   2006d ago
Ah whats up, you and your blog didnt get an invite to the press event? How about read some of the hands-on that are just appearing.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2006d ago
This article is written from a GAMER's point of view. I don't want to read some text from fanatical writers and quotes from PR, I want to see the game for myself. I want to see some clear information, too, not rough estimates from CEO/Presidents.
xXRight3yeXx  +   2006d ago
Crysis 2 is not maxed out on the PS3. Cos if it is maxed out on PS3, 360 would not be able to handle it. Sorry to burst your bubble butthurt 360 fanboys.

If you disagree with me, reply to my comment and tell me that 360 and PS3 is equal in terms of raw power. I mean with all the talent like Epic Games, Bungie, Lionhead Studios, etc etc etc. Why haven't they had decent graphics like what PS3 exclusives have? The answer to that is plain and simple.

360 is not capable.
Shaman  +   2006d ago
Funny because AFAIK Epic uses first next gen engine,outdated and made with PC in mind.Lionhead and Bungie both use last gen engine,thats why you dont see games like UC2 and KZ2,but you will see them,dont worry ;)

And to me it seems like you guys are ones butthurth.


"Though early, this build looked amazing and was already running beautifully on the Xbox 360 hardware. It's a shame we couldn't see the PS3 version in action, but if it's performing this well on the 360, then we can expect great things from the PS3 and PC version, as well. The destructible environments gave off realistic physics, all the soldiers and aliens were heavily detailed and fluid in their movements. Killzone 2 was the best looking FPS for the generation but, based on this footage, it has just been trumped.
adamant715  +   2004d ago
Man, you underestimate the 360 way too much. While it doesn't have "teh cell1!11@23452L0" it's much more capable than you think and can make beautiful games, just like the PS3.

Every one of your comments just show how much of a bias fanboy you are.
dragonelite  +   2006d ago
Angry blogger is angry seems more a issue about that crytek says both games look the same and bloggers doesn't like the idea of 360 equals ps 3.
Shaman  +   2006d ago
HAHAH so much damage control just because they said it is the best looking game EVAH!!!

"Crysis 2 on an early 360 dev build months away from release is, regardless of platform, flat out the most visually stunning game in history. Period. I cannot adequately describe the richness, depth of detail, and the pure sensation that you are in a Nanosuit 2 bustling about in New York City."

"C2 360 dev build makes Crysis PC maxed look like Crysis made Far Cry look and it played at a much higher, smoother FPS. The load time was incredibly long, because the dev build is not optimized but once it got going it was phenomenal."

From the guy who was at the event.


Newest interview by Cevat,he says,ps3 and 360 are very similar in power.Dont believe me?Watch video...
Gradient  +   2006d ago
"The game didn't seem to take a huge hit to image quality on the 360--look at the screenshots and you'll know it's certainly a fine-looking game--though it also wasn't the eye-popping visual revelation the first Crysis was two years ago, and the frame rate in this early build was a little dodgy."- GiantBomb preview.

Inferior to Crysis on PC? Check.

Poor framerate? Check.

360 version? Double check.

Just the facts people, just the facts.
Shaman  +   2006d ago
Its just an opinion,just like the guys that i gave you a link.Its just seems like there is more opinions that state Crysis 2 will look the best of all games,i mean with that kind of engine it was expected.

Poor framerate?Not according to Cevat.And its still in development,for about 8 month more.


“We’re looking at 30,” he said. “There’s nothing below, nothing…”

Verli further added he was just happy the game was running properly and working well.

“I’m very happy the game works at all,” he said. “I think the amount of push we have and the fact the game works like that puts me in a very happy situation right now.”
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ClownBelt  +   2006d ago
Now it becomes

My opinion is better than yours. Lmao

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