Xbox 360 3D Games Showcasing Next Week

The first Xbox 360 games running in 3D will be demoed next week, according to a Microsoft spokesperson. We've heard whispers of developers experimenting with the 3D on the console, but now we're told it'll be demoed in public for the first time in just days.

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Gradient3175d ago

I could've sworn Microsoft said 3D wasn't relevant to gaming.

TheHater3175d ago

MS wasn't fully backing 3D because of "consumer lack of interest" in 3D. Now that 3D is becoming more popular with consumers, they are going to back it.

Gradient3175d ago

Oh. So just like HDMI, USB storage, etc?

X_GAMER_X3175d ago

Microsoft working/experimented on 3D games Since July 2008

2010 "From the technical standpoint, we are fully 3D capable. We have 3D games running today… As consumer interest for 3D grows, we'll grow with it," he told G4TV at CES.

( remember, You have to have 3D tv to play these games right?)
Do you know that there is still people playing 360 and Ps3 on Old TV's? Cuz they dont have money to buy Plasma or LCD.

whateva3175d ago

just like the 1080P hating stopped when 360 added HDMI

and the Motion Control hating stopped when MS showed Natal.

MS fanboys talk everything down until it's done by MS.

xXRight3yeXx3175d ago

This is gonna be interesting.

dangert123175d ago

Your missing the point let me take abit out of the quote pay attention.
'I think we're a long ways away from that' =/
'i think' being the keywords

darthv723175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

MS has been working on 3d for the 360 and yet chose not to vocalize it when sony came forth proclaiming their stance on it. MS was most likely waiting for the opportunity at E3 but sony got the jump on them. Nice move by sony but it certainly will be interesting to say the least.

360 has been capable of 3d much like the ps3 since hdmi was added. The combination of the hardware, tv and really good software has been tested by a company called next3D with regards to movie playback.

MS stalled them a year or so back in releasing their beta app most likely because they were working on their own (speculation). I signed up for the beta when it was first announced as my 360 elite is hooked up to a samsung plasma capable of 3d (pn42a450). Just needed to get the glasses (as well as the beta app) to start watching any movie in 3d.

Alas...that didnt happen. Maybe Ms approach will be flexible to work with any 3d capable tv from old to new.

edit: the game invincible tiger was capable of 3d in shutter glasses as well as red/blue. should probably change your statement to say that "new" 3d tv's use 1.4 as the older 3d capable ones used 1.3 and maybe even 1.2a

kneon3175d ago

If they aren't doing the colored glasses 3D I wonder how they are going to make this work. HDMI 1.2 doesn't have the necessary bandwidth, it's less than half of what HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 have. They would need to drop either the resolution, framerate and/or color depth. And if they do that will it work with the new 3D TVs or will there have to be some sort of add to to bring it up to what the TVs are expecting?

The 3D TVs use HDMI 1.4 which has the same data rate as 1.3. Apparently Sony can upgrade to 1.4 via firmware, we'll see if that's true or whether they will need some add on as well. It wouldn't surprise me if there is some add on device for syncing the glasses so as to work with older TVs, though it's possible to do that via Bluetooth as well.

HolyOrangeCows3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

It's red-blue glasses 3d, not the new 3D techniques.

If it were, do you REALLY think they would reveal it for the first time at TechEd India 2010?

EDIT: And unless they're releasing a new SKU that supports 1.4 HDMI, it's impossible anyway.

Lightsaber3175d ago

God I wish this new 3d fad would just die already its like living the 80's all over again

Cold 20003175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Yeah, a bit like how rumble was "sooooooo last gen" and sixaxis was the future until Sony released the Dualshock 3. You mean like that ?

Or maybe are you talking about how "achievements" were usless until Sony came up with "trophies" ?

And lets not even talk about the Move.

Kushan3175d ago

The Motion control hating stopped? When?

Elven63175d ago

HolyOrangeCows: Are you saying the red/blue 3D is the only 3D possible on the Xbox 360? If so, James Cameron's Avatar and Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao support both Stereoscopic and anaglyphic 3D on the Xbox 360.

HDMI will obviously have the superior form of 3D though.

Greywulf3175d ago

"I think there's a lot of questions, to be honest," Greenberg told us in a meeting here at CES. "3D is great in the theater, but for the living room? I think we're a long ways away from that."

While the Xbox 360 currently supports 3D with games like Avatar, Greenberg points to things like required sitting distances and the need for glasses as potential hurdles.

He adds: "If the consumers want it? Fine."

"In the theater there's nothing between you and the experience, but as you have other people in the room and other people walking by, well, it's not the same experience."

Double standards and contradictions all the time. 3d was in demand since AVATAR broke all records known to man, it was in demand at CES. This is another case of Microsoft back pedaling on 3d.

No HDD required for gaming.
3d Gaming
HD visuals
USB Storage



PSFan1003175d ago

I thought the xbox360 only had HDMI 1.2 (according to wiki)unlike the ps3 which has HDMI 1.3a. Isn't 1.3(a) needed to have stereoscopic 3d?

boodybandit3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

When you go and view 3D at Best Buy they are running on 1.4 HDMI.
How is the 360 going to support this? Isn't the 360 1.2 HDMI?

I guess we will see how it's possible at E3 in June.

I was just out looking at them again today. I am an impulse buyer and it was really hard for me to walk out of the store without buying one but I am waiting until ALL the models are on display before pulling the trigger.

I will definitely be rocking a new 3D display by the time the consoles support it.

BTW is the link broken? I went to read the full story and it wont load. Is it my browser or is the site hosting this article experiences issues?

darthv723175d ago

I have gotten quite a few disagrees on my first post. There really is a company called next3d and they did create a special app for the 360 to be used with HDMI systems and tv's that support 3d and let you watch any movie in 3d.

The minimum requirement for this to work is a 360 with hdmi and a 3d ready tv. I dont know what they did but it obviously worked and was going to be rolled out to testers till MS put a freeze on that plan.

sikbeta3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Great, 3D Gaming FTW!!! I'll TRY to Support 3D From Day One...

Anarki3175d ago

As were the other 50 things they copied off...? as well as blu-ray which is still not necessary apparently.

pixelsword3175d ago

it's all about the tracking software, baby:

fr0sty3175d ago

pixelsword, head tracking is NOT 3d. it only works when you move your head.

and hdmi 1.2 cannot send 3d data to a 3dtv which (all of them now) use hdmi 1.4. it's part of the specification. the 3d modes available currently only display at 60fps, which then gets divided in half to 30 (one frame for each eye), and by the time you see it it's flickering like hell and will cause a nasty headache. even though not all ps3 games will display at 120fps natively (some already do, like Super Stardust HD 3D), it can upscale the native frame rate to 120fps before sending it to the tv by duplicating frames which will eliminate the headache inducing flicker.

it'll be interesting to see how ms plans to get around the hdmi 1.3a requirement. a new model that leaves all current 360 owners in the dark, or the same old headache inducing 30fps 3D that you see in games like avatar?

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MajestieBeast3175d ago

Lets see.

Blurayzzzz isnt needed.
Hdmi isnt needed.
wifi isnt needed.
HDD isnt needed.
3D isnt needed.

Just another to the list of microsofts so called not needed features and the list keeps growing.

Ju3175d ago

That's like taking away the BD from the 360...oh wait a minute. They don't even have one. Or the WiFi. But, well, they took away HD-DVD...

/s sorry, I'm on the role today...LOL

Corepred43175d ago

what are you talking about?? M$ takes away from its fans ALL THE TIME!!!
XBOX LIVE fees, overpriced HDD and wifi, and battery packs ring a bell?? lmao they pretty much rape you everytime you buy something from them. and they TAKE your virginity and your cash! lol

beardpapa3175d ago

someone should make a list of all these contradictory quotes and create a jpg to put on Digg or something.

Greywulf3175d ago

Any HDD.

than a Limited linux installation, on older models. But hey, when thats all you have at the bottom of the bag to respond with.. well yeah.. thats all ya have. Everyone is hurting over that removed feature.

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X_GAMER_X3175d ago

First of all: You are Trolls and liars.
Sec: MS never said they DON'T NEED or WOULDN'T DO or NOT INTERESTED in 3D.

So act like grown up people which a assume you are and stop trolling

MajestieBeast3175d ago

I know truth hurts when it isnt positive for microsoft.

A little quote from your famous trolling leader.

"I think there's a lot of questions, to be honest. 3D is great in the theatre, but for the living room? I think we're a long ways away from that. In the theatre there's nothing between you and the experience, but as you have other people in the room and other people walking by, well, it's not the same experience." But he also adds: "If the consumers want it? Fine."

I got a new marketing slogan for the 360.

It only does me too.

midgard2273175d ago

ms is to laid back and lazy to embrace anything, they just latch on to anything, they try to stick with it and they enjoy giving money away for timed exclusive instead of making a quality product or new games.

Elven63175d ago

MajestieBeast: You claim Microsoft said 3D gaming isn't needed at something they weren't going to do yet from the quote you posted.

"But he also adds: "If the consumers want it? Fine.""

The quote you posted basically claims they wouldn't rule it out and explore it if they saw consumer demand for it.

Biggest3175d ago

WOW! So much of that interview seems backwards in 2010. Good thing time stopped in 2007 and the 360 is cool.

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midgard2273175d ago

who cares bout 3d gaming or movies? i like them just the way they are. my god we just got to HD now gotta move up and get 3d crap too, my 1080 tv isnt even paid off yet, F that crap

Kratos Spartan3175d ago

Entertainment/Gaming has to move forward at some point, Motion and 3D is the next step. It won't be overnight, but you must accept it or get left behind.

midgard2273175d ago

nah i understand lol, but its still annoying lol. 3d sttuff is just visual and really optional so it wont bother me as much.

the only thing in gaming that bothers me is motion control, i know i cant play games like blazblue, dead or alive, GOW3, ninja gaiden, DMC etc with motion controls, aslong as they dont stray from those genres *action/fighting im good. if they do then arrgggh! lol.

PSFan1003175d ago

I think 3D is fine, i'm glad m$ are going to support it as well as Sony, don't you want an extra level of immersion??!!

sikbeta3175d ago


Come on Pal, it's not like you need to buy a 3DTV NOW, 3D for everything IMO will be Awesome and People interested will support it, also the People that didn't make the Jump into HDTV will go for 3D HDTVs, then Price Go Down and after that 3D For everyone...

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SuperbVillain3175d ago

Microsoft wasn't at all interested in 3D gaming a few months they want to jump on ..gtfo microsoft

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