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Blaze9293026d ago

ha yeah definitely a lot going on there in that one

Noctis Aftermath3026d ago

When are they going to release a GOTY edition?

Blaze9293026d ago

likely when it becomes a greatest hit edition.

UnwanteDreamz3026d ago

It is easy to forget just how good the MP in U2 looks. I gotta go back...

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kenpachi3026d ago

i really need to go back and play this online again but there's to many games

tokoshix3026d ago

I hear ya, but the DLC really helps draw us back to this game.

fr0sty3026d ago

I need to get this... I've been neglecting drake lately in favor of kratos.

sikbeta3026d ago

Awesome, UC2 Multiplayer is a Blast and with a New DLC it'll be even better

GeneralCole3026d ago

This is just going to add to the MP goodness

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