Pre-E3 2007: Lost Odyssey E3 Trailer Preview

Mistwalker's second title following Blue Dragon is set to take over E3 with a brand new trailer. Powerful media giant that it is, Famitsu has obtained the Lost Odyssey trailer in advance and was good enough to share a few details in its latest issue.

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Xeoset3973d ago

Cant wait!!!

I love Sakaguchis work. This will probablly be his best piece.

Bloodmask3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Another masterpiece from the creator of Final Fantasy. This game is even on Famitsu's most wanted list.

This game wll surely boost 360 sales in Japan.

power of Green 3973d ago

The Japanese have been waiting for this forever i read somewhere they are hungry for a change of pace(something other than FF).

MK_Red3973d ago

Wowm this game is getting more and more promising and since its the first major M rated J-RPG since Paraside Eve, I'm automaticly interested. Cant wait for the trailer.

BIadestarX3973d ago

That's 2 AAA exclusive xbox 360 JRPG games in less than one year...

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