Starcraft II Playable at E3 2007: Official

Blizzard has confirmed that their real-time strategy sequel StarCraft II will be playable at E3. How playable it will be exactly remains to be seen.

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Odion4002d ago

THOSE MONSTERS, release a demo for your army of followers!

In Blizzard we trust!

MK_Red4002d ago

Agreed, a demo would be uber kool but I am already in line for this game and a new trailer will make me go nuts let along the demo.

Cant wait for E3 to see the more of Zerg and Terran along with some story and singleplayer stuff.

Greysturm4002d ago

God i hope i can get some footage of that. I wodner if theyll keep the warcraft 3 hero driving game or return to massive battles.

MK_Red4002d ago

I believe Blizzard said that the game doenst feature heroes like WC3 and is a true epic and classic RTS. Cant wait!