Gran Turismo 5 Motul Nissan Damaged Gameplay

A new video shows some Motul Nissan damaged gameplay footage.

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PirateThom2991d ago


Althought, bigger deal with it, the AI actively moved away from him when he was sitting and tried to drive into the other cars.

bnaked2991d ago

We will not see the full damage system until E3.

ShinnokDrako2991d ago

Uhm... i'm blind maybe, but where are the damages? He went against the walls but nothing happened... O_o

nefertis2991d ago

The AI is smart they wasnt trying to damage there car. I thought person was going too show the cars collide but it didnt happen in this video now that would have been epic. Playb3yond

rbluetank2991d ago

i hope damage is a part of this game. the last Gran Turismo game i bought; i could not get pass the trail... lol it looks like i will be stuck again... lol i just need a racing game in my game

IRetrouk2991d ago

Cant wait any longer, compleated forza now i need the ultimate racing game, plz plz plz get it out this year!!!!!!!