A winner crowned on Sony PlayStation Network's reality show 'The Tester'

USA Today interviews the winner of PSN's first endeavor into full length original programing and episodic content, The Tester. Also interviewed is one of the Senior Producers for the PlayStation Network.

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mushroomwig3022d ago

He's got so much to look forward to;

UNCyrus3022d ago

Don't talk about me like I'm not right here :P

mushroomwig3022d ago

Congrats on winning a mediocre job, you must be so proud of yourself.

WildArmed3022d ago


And again.. dont mind the haters. xD

hay3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Congrats on winning but I feel bad for you. I was tester some time ago and it's not cool at all. At least it wasn't for me.

@Below: Exactly. You see sequels to the games you loved, bugged, incomplete, full of glitches. Will start to play them not because you love them but because you have to. Cause they pay you to do it. Replaying sections, trying to figure out ways to break the game, thinking about possible glitches and exploits.
It's work.

But it's not all that bad. It'll be definitely fun to work with bigger game studios. Being a part of the industry, getting to now some of those people you know only from news, interviews or articles.

mushroomwig3022d ago


You've nailed it, people think it's such a great profession just because you get paid to play video games. Try playing the same section over and over (of a game they choose for you to play) for hours at a time and then tell me if it's cool. xD

I'm not a hater, good luck with your new'll need it.

Cerberus21253022d ago

I'm not hating but I fell Nauseous has the better skills,Cyrus is close second but not better.

UNCyrus3021d ago

As much as everyone says that it's a crap job, etc... There are a couple of things worth mentioning.

1) I've been trying to get into the game industry since I graduated college, but living on the East Coast, there have been little/no opportunities available to me.
2) Moving out the the west is expensive and it is nearly impossible to land a job while you're not physically living there.

The show solved both of those dilemmas for me. So I don't mind the hate at all.

TheTwelve3021d ago

Congrats bro. I just moved out West...and you're right. All the best, don't mind the haters, and do what you gotta do. Hope to hear more of what you do.


Marceles3021d ago

Congrats Cyrus, now you can stop getting trophies and let me stay in front of you :P

Will-UK3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Congrats on winning the competition

@Mushroomwig "Congrats on winning a mediocre job, you must be so proud of yourself." Common no need for that could you not at least be more polite. He won the competition thats just rude.

ClownBelt3021d ago

Well the most important thing is, he finally get into the industry.

Megaton3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

It's better than a slap to the sack, but yeah, it's a pretty lousy job. This whole show is like a bunch of aspiring chefs competing for a position as a dishwasher. I have several friends who test games, and it has killed gaming for a couple of them. The coolest thing you'll get out of this will likely be free access to E3.

Congrats, though. If it's a step in the right direction for you, then that's all that matters.

guitarded773021d ago

Congrats bro... I watched the episode last night and thought you were done at the beginning, but you hung in there and did it, I was happy for you. I would have been happy for any of you, I liked the final 3... so cheers, enjoy the new career, hope it brings you the joy of a lifetime... not many people get this chance, make the most of it for the rest of us.

Elwenil3021d ago

Congrats. As far as the people hating, ignore them. It's your dream so I say go for it. You seem to be an intelligent enough guy to know that most of our dreams turn out a bit differently than what we imagine at first, but I don't think that will be an issue for you. You have a college education and a foot in the door. Do a good job, push the limits and aim higher while you are a tester. I'm sure if you work at it you can find a place for yourself in the industry where you love what you do and get paid well for it. Good luck!

Army_of_Darkness3021d ago

totally spoiled the last episode for me, it showed that you won( congrats by the way) even though I wanted nasus to win.

lociefer3021d ago

congratz cyrus, just dont go spoilin games to for after u try them first-hand :P

badz1493021d ago

wow, you're such a jealous JERK! you have problem with someone winning something? your life is so sad!

@Cyrus, congrats man! it was a bit lucky there but luck sometimes determine who'll win and the luck was clearly with you! have fun with your new job and congrats again! all the best!

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lodossrage3022d ago

Unfortunately, you'll get a lot of that for awhile. But screw that, congrats on winning the position. Just make sure you do your job well man, we like grade A games.

mushroomwig3022d ago

No game is free of glitches, I guess that means they can't do their job correctly.

lodossrage3022d ago

I never said be perfect. I said make sure he does his job WELL. Not PERFECT. Of course no game is glitch free

Megaton3021d ago

It's a common misconception that bugged up games are the result of bad testers. I'm sure it varies by developer, but from what my friends tell me, about 1/3 of the bugs submitted by testing teams are rejected on the grounds that the devs simply don't wanna put in the time and effort to fix them.

Socomer 19793022d ago

was really cool to watch in Playstation Homes Theathre.

I was at the show with a friend, we were talkinga about it suing the phone a friend feature and it was really really cool. Thanks Sony!

PlayStationTEAM3021d ago

Congratulations Cyrus on Your Very Deserved Win! The rest of the cast were worthy but at the end of the day, there can be only one winner. Let the Hate Fuel You! Kudos & Good Luck in the Industry Will.

i3eyond the Circle3021d ago

Outside of the gaming world and the nerd zerg on the internet.

It takes a real man to go out there in this economy and world to pursue a career 1000's of miles away from his home.

You did it, congratulations.

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