Crysis 2: First full reveal trailer and new images from NY premiere

VG247: Remember the short Crysis 2 teaser we shot earlier this week in New York's Times Square? You can watch the full thing after the break.

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Delt43171d ago

WOW....Just A whole lot of awesome, rolled up in a bright shiny wrapper and served on a platter.

StanLee3171d ago

That looked really impressive. Now if the game looks that good on both consoles, all hell is going to break loose.

thereapersson3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Too bad the trailer was extremely low-res for what visual fidelity the game was attempting to convey.

I'll wait for an HD version, especially because that video is buffering horribly.

@ StanLee

Just approve this article:

bnaked3171d ago

Oh please, i want to see gameplay! Not a cutszene..

Inside_out3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Man, Crytek better tone down all the " greatest graphics anywhere " stuff...judging by that trailer...not even close...Complete copy cat of the Gears trailer from years ago, right down to the music, which is terible btw...Saw a little of the PC version and that looks impressive if it was in game...Facial stuff insane...Trying to be like Gears impossible....sad, really hoping Crytek could work some magic...they made the first Farcry, won many awards for those that remember that game.....Moving on...

BTW fella's, Gamersyde has the trailer without the buffering...

kalebgray923170d ago

but someone tell me plz who is the girl singing it and can you send me to a youtube link so i can fav that song

inveni03170d ago

From a purely "movie-like" point of view, the most awesome thing about that trailer is that he doesn't have a weapon, but you know he's going to kick some ass anyway.

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mirroredderorrim3171d ago

I just love it when a game is considered Pegi 18!

Snappy3171d ago

Impressive if thats ingame

Lou-Cipher3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

It does look good, but it is a long way away from being the best looking game on PS3 or 360. (Going by the new trailer at least) It is on the same level of BFBC 2, not Uncharted 2 or GoW 3. Particle Effects/Character Models looked average to me.

I hope that wasn't the PC version, because if it was, then it was a step backwards from the first Crysis. (as far as graphics are concerned)

Fanb0y3171d ago


Some gamer you are.

Lou-Cipher3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I guess I don't know what you are trying to say.

I'm not a gamer because I criticize the graphics of a game that is supposed to revolutionize visuals on all gaming platforms? (When it clearly hasn't)

Shame on me.

Christopher3171d ago


Little presumptuous to rate the graphics based on an in-engine enhanced video. But, even then, it's impressive for a console. The detail on the environment, lighting on the glass and metal elements, and detail on the suit come across nicely if you view it full screen.

Definitely something that deserves a 720i trailer for seeing the intricacies, but we honestly also need to see some actual gameplay.

Lou-Cipher3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I agree, but after all the talk that has been spewed from their mouths concerning the level of visuals, and how nothing on 360 or PS3 touches it graphically. Then they release a trailer that doesn't live up to that hype.

I think it is fair to take a small jab at the people that were so vocal (and arrogant) about how there is nothing out there on consoles that touches their game visually.

Im not completely down on the game,(It looks good) I was just expecting a little bit more out of their first in-game trailer.

Fanb0y3171d ago

Lou, so you don't think the graphics here are good enough?

Character models looked average? You you know the Crysis 2 poly counts for characters? Texture resolution? Why, could you spot the polygon edges on the character models?
Maybe you thought the soldier's face didn't look 'detailed' enough. You're probably just complaining that he didn't have facial hair, which would make the face appear to look more detailed than without. It could have the same texture resolution as in Uncharted 2's Drake. Maybe higher.
Particle effects? You spotted low-res alphas? The smoke didn't look good enough to you?

And obviously, this isn't console footage: It's cinematic in-engine footage that you should expect from a maxed-out PC version.

You haven't seen the console versions.

I love how you can immediately judge that this game does not look as good as Uncharted 2. You don't have the details; stop talking like you know.

kneon3171d ago

It looked like it was all cut scenes again. I'll wait for console game play video before forming an opinion on the graphics.

I have all the crysis games running on high (not very high), but at 1080p they aren't that much different than the top PS3 exclusives, and I'm using the same TV so it's a fair comparison. I've also tried "very high" but it was hard to tell the difference. I haven't tried it on a high resolution monitor, I expect that will show a significant improvement.

But the past Crysis games were kind of dull, at least this one looks more interesting.

SoX FireBlade3171d ago

it looks cool

check it out from here

The game is still in progress lets wait and see -_-

inveni03170d ago

I don't think you've played Crysis in a while. The last time I played it, I was left pretty unimpressed. The engine has the guts to look awesome (I would up playing mods to satiate my yearning for graphics excellence), but Crysis itself is definitely dated. What I see here really isn't that much better, either. Especially some of the mesh blending (where piles of rubble meet the ground). BUT, they do have several months of polish left.

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Chris3993171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

That looked like a combo of CGI and "in-engine" rendered cinematics (which are just bullshots anyhow, as they're made with higher-res models and superior effects than are present in the actual game).

If anyone has a game-play trailer please link.

tdrules3171d ago

those models are lower res than anything I saw on Crysis 1...

Lou-Cipher3171d ago

Absolutely agree.

It looks good, but not Crysis 1 good.

Twilightx73171d ago

Really? You guys can see all that model and texture detail in a low res, compressed video? You'd think that all the sensible minded "gamers", and I use that term loosely, had gone the way of the dinosaur - obviously you can't see crap for graphics quality in anything less than a direct feed trailer in HD, and even then, you'd still be missing the same graphics fidelity that you'd get while actually PLAYING the game. Sure, the game could come out and be a much less impressive game than Crysis, but I'm pretty certain that when it does come out, you'll be eating your words.

tdrules3171d ago

I hope I eat my words.
why the hell would I WANT something to be bad, that's not what being a gamer is about...

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TheMailman3171d ago

Is better for me shut up because some people in N4G can´t stand a different opinion... so those cowards came and take all my bubbles away... This is very sad...

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