Dev Says iPad Has 'Unlimited Potential' As Gaming Machine

Kenichi Nishi of developer Route 24 thinks the iPad has "unlimited potential" as a gaming machine.

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Valay3119d ago

Hmm...We'll see. Right now I'm more interested in my gaming fix from Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft.

movements3119d ago

The iPad indeed has great potential

SpaceSquirrel3119d ago

I'm not so sure. It really depends on the development support.

spektical3119d ago

lol, what are we gonna play?

itouch games v2? i call that hardly better, more like were going to milk the casual market even harder.

MorganX3118d ago

Unlimited potential? OK, how do you expand storage? USB? SD Card? How about adding a camera and mic? Letting Apple unveil before all of the superior competitors was a good move.

K-Gamer3118d ago

I'm not sure about that potential.
A 5 year old handheld that's called the PSP outperforms it both in graphics and gameplay.

Alvadr3118d ago

Unless you can plug a controller in then it has no potential for me.

Touch screen & Tilt = basic games

Oh and the scrabble demo, yes it looks cool that you can have the Ipad as a board and each person playing having their words showing on their individual Iphones... But think about that for a second, would you really spend probably almost 1k in equipment to play scrabble. It is the most pointless idea ever- Play for free online or buy a board for a few $.

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Nicaragua3119d ago

It dosnt even have as much potential as the existing handheld gaming devices and it costs a sh1tload more than they do.

Seriously no gamer is going to be able to justify the cost of this just to use as a games platform.

Fishy Fingers3119d ago

It'll (and iphone/touch) get much better when OS 4.0 arrives with their new gaming feature. Matchmaking, achievements, friends, the works.

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The story is too old to be commented.