15 iPad Apps You Should Download Today

Wired: The iPad's got a big screen, zippy performance and a decent web browser - but its real potential lies in the thousands of apps - more than 3,000 already - that use that hardware in new and interesting ways.

But as significant of an advancement as the iPad may be compared to its smaller predecessors, one major problem remains: The App Store is still a cluttered mess, and iPad apps only add to the pile.

Furthermore, iPad apps are generally more expensive than iPhone or iPod Touch apps. A few downloads could quickly drive your iTunes bill to the triple-digit range.

Just which iPad apps are worth the splurge? After scouting the store and obsessively testing apps for days, we've dug up 15 gems that we believe are the best among the early birds, based on criteria of innovation, fun factor, value and quality interface design. We've split them up into three categories: productivity, media and games.

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