Borderlands Double Game Add-On Pack Available Now

Ve3tro writes: "2K has revealed today that the Borderlands Double Game Add On Pack featuring the grisly The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and the challenging Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot is now available in stores in the UK for £19.99 on Xbox 360 and PC."

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Perjoss3119d ago

isn't there 3 DLC packages, why does this only include 2?

DelbertGrady3119d ago

Probably cause the Secret Armory one was released just a little while ago. Good for me though since that's the only one I bought. I hope the first two are just as good.

tinybigman3119d ago

i dont see why they couldnt include the level cap one also.

JackBNimble3119d ago

No the other 2 downloads are not very good, just my opinion though.

DelbertGrady3119d ago

Thx!. Gonna check some reviews also. But if it's as you say I'll save my money for Lead & Gold instead. If it's any good that is. Looks like a lot of fun.

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BasilMarceaux3119d ago

Was wondering this myself, why buy this when it only includes 2/3 and most importantly, doesnt include the one DLC that raises the level cap!?

SuperStrokey11233119d ago

I saw this the other day, they wanted 25 bucks for it... but the DLC on teh system is just 20... i laughed pretty good.

Excalibur3119d ago

To your HD?
Other than not having a high speed connection or XBL/PSN why would you go the disk rout?
The game is designed to play over XBL/PSN so...
I know the Moxxie DLC is not designed for SP.

All that said I absolutely love Borderlands and have enjoyed all the DLC.

JackBNimble3119d ago

You can play moxxie as a single player.

Excalibur3119d ago

Sure if you want to die a lot

strickers3119d ago

Ned is excellent and Knoxx but Moxxis is boring.Played 1 tournament in co op and haven't touched it since.Finished Ned and most of Knoxx,with only Circle of Duty and that bastard Crawmerax left(got him to half energy tonight).Buy Ned for download,ignore Moxxi.

BasilMarceaux3119d ago

Should I buy Knoxx or just wait until they might have a triple pack? After all Ive heard about Moxi, I think Ill pass on it.

Ned sounds promising though and Knoxx sounds like a no-brainer for the level cap increase.

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