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RadientFlux3173d ago

Interesting, I'm not sure if would play Saw 2. I did play the first Saw game and was pleasantly surprised. Though if they don't end up improving the gameplay I will probably pass.

sniper-squeak3173d ago

so they're just going to keep releasing the SAW games like they're releasing the filmns?

ger1013173d ago

Well that's pretty cool. I really enjoyed the first game, although I hope they fix the melee combat in this new one.

sarshelyam3173d ago

...has indeed been fixed. That was one of the first things they were quick to highlight at last nights Gamers Night in SF!

Krimmson3173d ago

Unrelated to the article but +bubbles for the awesome avatar (Kenka Bancho is awesome).

Anyway, I was surprised from Saw. The game was slightly above-average and some of the traps/puzzles were thought out well. Ofcoarse the game was severely flawed (and more than just the combat) but hopefully a good portion of those flaws will be fixed.

ger1013172d ago

@sarshelyam: Aww, that's great! Looking forward to playing it now!

-MD-3173d ago

Interesting... I have the first one coming in through Gamefly so we'll see how that goes.

AliTheBrit193173d ago

First one isn't that great

ian723173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I got Saw and it's good, not great. I do like the films though.
The game has easy trophies for PS3, very easy. Will watch out for Saw2.
Just looked at the screenshots and it looks the same as Saw, just in a different setting.

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The story is too old to be commented.