Original Xbox Support and Microsoft's Bad Precedent

Critical Gamer writes: April 15th is around the corner and that means the end of online play in original Xbox games. Plan your last minute parties accordingly, but also take a few minutes to consider whether Microsoft isn't going about this all wrong. The reasons for the move have been made clear: features on Xbox 360 are limited in order to maintain support for older games. What isn't clear is why other alternatives haven't been considered.

As a consumer, I understand that video games are a business, time is money, etc. A solution that allows for both new Xbox 360 features and continued original Xbox support would require paying a team of programmers and designers. It could pull resources away from the next Xbox 360 update, taking away from the development of new and potentially profitable features. I understand this, and that is why I approach my argument against this move firstly as a consumer talking about a business.

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scruffy_bear3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

It's a shame that MS is doing this

dangert123147d ago

while it is a shame that ms are doing this i don't own a original xbox nor would i still be playing it online so if there doing it to make the 360 features etc better lets see it and i think they should't off let all xbox one titles run through xbox live on the 360 and give the people still using the original xbox 6-12 mnths free gold membership

champ213147d ago

This is why i love PC gaming.

I can play my decade old games even today, with no fear of anyone taking it away.

CS, warcraft 3.

No online charges, Ultimate Backward compatibility & cheaper games.

PC gaming rocks ;-)

AridSpider3147d ago

Oh please, EA does the SAME stuff still to this day with every game they release with online capabilities - shut down the server after awhile or when the next version comes out. People still buy EA online enabled games and get on with it.

darthv723147d ago

They could remove being able to play original xbox games all together. Losing out on the online portion will hurt those that still play the originals. I myself still play the originals but just not online.

I am miffed about a subject that has gone unspoken since the 360 came out. Anyone who had purchased a game(s) through the original xbox arcade is not able to get that same game free for the 360. I had purchased joust and smash tv before the 360. I was surprised that, even though the game is tied to my gamertag, i was not able to download the same game for the 360.

I can turn on my original xbox and pop in the arcade disc, sign in and play my arcade games I purchased. Chances are with the cancelation of the original service I wont be able to do that anymore. MS should have offered users who upgraded from xbox to 360 either points to spend on the games previously purchased or linked the two services together so people could download the 360 versions of the games previously purchased.

Sorry for the rant.

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3147d ago

I bet the people complaining don't even play ordinal Xbox games online. The only people complaining are the ones that don't want xbox 360 live to excel.

IdleLeeSiuLung3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I'm all for AGAINST removal of features, but the Xbox Originals is way past it's life. Support for the original Xbox lasted almost 5-years past it's discontinuation is almost as long as a new console cycle. Not only that, but you are also removing features to improve and introduce new ones. With that said it is also a service, and as a service it get's upgraded from time to time. Basically you are discontinuing support for the minority for the benefit of the majority! In my book, that is a good thing.

On the subject of downloadable games not available in the future, that is the way the industry works. Frequently in software, you must purchase an extended digital download plan so you can download it again in the future. The fact that you are able to re-download it repeatedly is a bonus already. Now, try re-downloading an MP3 purchased from

Besides, this is no different than buying a Dreamcast console only to find out you can't play your Saturn games. If you don't expect that with physical goods why do you expect that with digital?

If you want to play your old games, better start stock up on backup consoles.

It would be nice to have future support, but it is doubtful and there is little to no incentive to allow you to re-download your game.

The only platform that has maintained backwards compatibility for the most part is PC! The only platform you can expect that for the future.

Darkstorn3147d ago

I really liked the original Xbox. Oh well, no more late Mechassault nights...or Halo 2 or Crimson Skies ones for that matter.

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Pidgeridoo3148d ago

Yea I agree with you Scruffy! Really is a huge pity that MS is doing this!

Cubes3148d ago

It really is shocking that they can get away with this. Between companies switching off servers and MS doing this, the value placed on online multiplayer is gradually diminishing.

Jim Crikey3148d ago

It doesn't even make good business sense. Amputating features from games available to buy from the marketplace?

scruffy_bear3147d ago

MS said original Xbox games have held back the future development of xbox Live

Jockie3147d ago

They're not the only culprits mind, EA have a terrible habit of switching off support for their sports games year by year, Mercenaries 2 was another casualty and it's a lot younger than most of these games.

scruffy_bear3147d ago

The shutting down of servers is real pain

El_Colombiano3147d ago

MERCS 2 IS DEAD ONLINE!? How can you Platinum it?

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