Not just Gears 3: Epic on two new titles

Indie giant Epic Games will announce two new projects over the next month – one being Gears of War 3, the other being a better-guarded secret.

Earlier today an advert appeared on the Xbox 360 dashboard which revealed that Gears of War 3 would be released in April next year.

However, an advert in the latest edition of OXM claims that the Unreal Engine vendor is also set to announce "a brand new shooter".

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hamoor2874d ago

shadow complex 2
unreal tournament 4

What Would Kratos Do2874d ago

I would love a shadow complex 2.

Delt42874d ago

Shadow Complex 2 would be awesome!

thereapersson2874d ago

But I saw the title of this article and thought it said:

"Not just Gears 3: Epic on two new titties."

*runs off to bed*

tehReaper2874d ago

EPIC never fails to impress. I would absolutely be excited if they announce both Gears 3 and Shadow Complex 2. I know Gears 3 is coming, but it'll be interesting to see what they can do with a sequel to Shadow Complex. It's easily one of the best looking(and playing) arcade games, and hopefully EPIC and Chair can take it even further.

UT4 would be amazing as well, here's hoping there's actually three titles to be revealed.

My one concern. I am a hardcore fan of the Gears franchise, so I hope they ditch the nerfed shotgun and shoddy matchmaking system that was in Gears 2. I thought the rooms on Gears 1 worked better. You could always see the connection you'd have on that specific host, before you joined. Let us choose, EPIC, let us choose!

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Corrwin2874d ago

A TPS set on a beautiful pacific island, following the exploits of a dashing treasure hunter named Nathaniel Cook, followed by the will they/wont they Documentary maker love interest named Nell Angler. Cook is on the search for the lost treasure of his explorer ancestor, Captain Cook.

With support from his old, untrustworthy pal, Manny... will he survive?

Def Warrant2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

This is great news. Both Epic and Insomniac are developing two games each. Both have a great track record for awesome games. I hope they both develop multiplat games for both platforms. This year and next will definitely be the battle of the AAA's.

Gamers FTW!

Hellsvacancy2874d ago

More of the same old Unreal Engine

PRHB HYBRiiD2874d ago

it seems u hate everything

Hellsvacancy2874d ago

Nah im just pissed coz i got banned from the GamerZone, the OpenZone is full of idiots so i might aswel join em 4 a while

Hellsvacancy2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I called sum-1 a retard, the thing is it wasnt like i was lyin, i cant remember who it was but sum stupid mofo said summin daft like "hannah montana looks better than God Of War 3" (1 of those dumbass comments) i had 2 reply, i couldnt resist, so i did and got banned for 5-days

So ive been trollin ever since man

A bubble 2-u

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RedVsBlue2874d ago

A Gears Of War Spin Off featuring Marcus or his dad I bet

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The story is too old to be commented.