Kane & Lynch 2's 'Down Not Dead' Feature Explained

IO Interactive has revealed details of the new 'Down not Dead' feature in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days which, says the developer, applies to both the single and multiplayer modes.

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Fyzzu3174d ago

Useful, though other games have implemented a similar system before. Just hope it doesn't break up the flow of Fragile Alliance as I'm really hoping that's actually *good* this time around. It was such a great idea for the first game.

AndyA3174d ago

Yup, brilliant game mode that was let down by a bad game. Glad it's back in Dog Days.

thetamer3174d ago

It's all about the artstyle with this game

Maticus3174d ago

I like the idea, probably more realistic. You'll have to double-check people are actually dead when you shoot them :P

Chazmers3174d ago

sounds good, can imagine in the middle of a firefight having to decide whether to crawl to safety or try to shoot your way through