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Abash2993d ago

Guess I'll be playing it in a year

Rainstorm812993d ago

Gears 3 will almost definately be at E3 2010, seeing that it releases before E3 2011.

Cant wait to see what it has in store...

gaffyh2993d ago

Finally, glad there is a longer development cycle for this one. Also hopefully we get Killzone 3 in February 2011, will be nice to see both of these great games in early 2011.

Lifendz2993d ago

Surprised it's coming out that late. I was expecting this holiday season. Can't wait to see what Epic's done with the game. Say what you want about Gears 2 but Horde mode was just pure fun.

van-essa2993d ago

Please Micro/Epic, pull your head out of your asses and betatest YOUR GAME this time. Even Halo is getting a beta, why not Gears?

IdleLeeSiuLung2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

About 12 months to the next Gears, 6-7 months max to the next Halo: Reach and Alan Wake in about a month not to mention Splinter Cell: Conviction in less than a week... Man I don't have the time nor the money to buy all these games!

So the question then is, what the heck is MS going to announce at E3. There is so much information coming out....

hamoor2993d ago

nothing conforms that its on the 360?
just imagine...
jaw dropping graphics that will makes crysis looks like a n64 game
(thanks to the new hardware and the unreal engine 4)
well...i can dream

2993d ago
Fanb0y2993d ago

Too true, van-essa

In fact, Gears probably needs it way better than Halo Reach does. Bungie already has some of the best multiplayer netcode in the industry, and is capable of balancing their weapons perfectly through their own internal play-testers.

Gears doesn't have any of those right. Lets hope they polish it up.

DaTruth2993d ago

Looks like they are not trying to put Gears and Halo in the same time frame!

Would have been interesting! I think somehow, some way, 360 owners would come up with the money for both games. I tend to buy at least two games in the Christmas time frame!

ABizzel12992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

This will be interesting. I can't wait to see what the improvements look like.

zeeshan2992d ago

Great news! I am sure they have been working on it for some time now and they want even more time to polish the final product as much as possible! I am dead sure we'll see some GeoW3 trailer come E3 :p

Lord Vader2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Now for everyone who disagreed, you owe me 2 bubbles apiece !!!


FlameBaitGod2992d ago

Cool, cant wait for this!


What are you talking about, 360 hasn't had a good game in months, you should have like 300 bucks saved. The last 1 was ME and b4 that 360 didn't have anything so you had to at least save a lot of $.

Alvadr2992d ago

Ouch! thats a long way away. I guess they didnt want to go up against Halo Reach..

2992d ago
ShadowCK2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Gears of war 3 is going to refine third person shooters and show the true power of the Xbox 360 console. I can not wait for this masterpiece.

PshycoNinja2992d ago

And I could not stand the single player. The multiplayer was fun but the single player was not enjoyable at all. I had to force myself to the end and that wasn't even fun.

And for those of you who doubt I played it check my gamertag: PshycoNinja.

If there's any game coming out for the 360 that I'm excited about it's Halo: Reach and Splinter Cell: Conviction. Sorry but both those franchises have a special place in my gaming heart. They are right next to the Metal Gear Solid Series and the Killzone series for me.

Be a Gamer, not a Fanboy.

Anon19742992d ago

In my opinion, the two Gears of war games are number one and number two on the top games available for the 360. Can't wait for the third!

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Endless_X2993d ago

hahaha 4 submissions in 5 minutes about the same story.

Lord Vader2992d ago

Just awesome. I'm glad they arent releasing it 2 close to ReAcH, my head would explode !!!

Cant wait to see what else is coming at E3.

N4PS3G2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

hahahaha on the freaking dashboard! Lol good one MS! Good one! They can't keep a secret on their own service hahahaha bravo!

Awesome news anyway!!! Now the haters will start raining!!

2992d ago
Fanb0y2992d ago

Oh shiat, is this guy's username a Conviction spoiler?

NewZealander2993d ago

wow epic stuff up MS, but hey its great news all the same!

a whole year is too long to wait!

Cold 20002993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Damn I was hoping for a new IP. Oh well, Gears is one of the best out there. Step up the graphics and u got my 60$ Epic.

edit: geez a lot of already jealous phantom disagreers up in here.

edit: Theres nothing on my 360 dashboard. Maybe because I'm in EU or what ?

DaTruth2993d ago

It's not jealousy! It was your "step up the graphics" comment.

PS: I didn't disagree!