PS3 360 Wii: Which games console should you buy?

In the past, the labour of trying to decide which games console to buy was a vastly different affair to how things are today. Things were so much easier back then, don't you think?

Sony PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast? Was that even a real choice? PlayStation 2 or Microsoft Xbox? Again, that was a no-brainer wasn't it?

But PlayStation 3 v Nintendo Wii v Xbox 360? Now there's a tough one for you. It's a case of unbridled future-proof power and dynamism, versus pure no-holds-barred family fun, versus sheer power and a plethora of fantastic games. So which one to choose?

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drtysouf213941d ago

Oh well everyone is entitled to their opinion. I say buy all 3 if you can!

Creepa at GameManx3941d ago

I thinking bout picking up a PS3 since the price drop...or i might wait around christmas time and treat myself

eLiNeS3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

buy from Costco or, they have a lifetime warranty on most everything. There policy has changed lately on some of the electronics but not any of the consoles. I am on my 5th Xbox/Xbox360 in 5 or 6 years time and have never had a problem retuning it to Costco for a full refund (they don't do exchanges) when they have taken a dump. They usually have a great bundle price as well.

Edit: After looking, it doesn't look like Costco got the price drop memo either. If looking for a PS3, give them a few days to lower the bundle price on there site. But if I where you, I would wait until the holidays roll around for a PS3, I have a feeling they will be dropping the price on them again sometime around November.

achira3941d ago

surely not a x...360 ... rod ... lol

candystop3941d ago

Dude I think your like the only person on this site to be stuck with 1 bubble dating back to when thy 1st started on this site lol!

ElementX3941d ago

Well, I'd say Xbox for people who want games now and it's more affordable. I just recently bought a PS3 and I recommend it, however consumers want games, not waiting periods.

masterg3941d ago

Id say don't buy anything until the end of august.
Then buy the PS3. It will offer everything the 360 has at that time.
Bonus is:
Will not fail.
Will not make noise.
Will not only deliver good fps games.
Will not be replaced in 3 years.

AngryTypingGuy3940d ago

Will PS3 offer: Bioshock? Mass Effect? Halo 3? The superior version of most 3rd party games? A superior game library and live service over the competition? A 3 year warranty? No, no, no, no, no, no and last but not

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The story is too old to be commented.