Cliffy B's reveal is NOT Gears of War 3

An ad for the next issue of Official Xbox Magazine has confirmed that Epic is to reveal a brand new shooter in its next issue – crushing hopes that developer Cliffy Bleszinski's anticipated announcement on the US' Jimmy Fallon Show will be Gears of War 3.

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Cold 20003119d ago

Great! What I was hoping for.

Venatus-Deus3119d ago

I guess we are also going to find out if Epic are to remain a second party developer.

kevinx10003119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )


...i didn't see a gears 3 announcement on my dashboard.
EDIT: wait, it was taken down...

-MD-3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

This is GOOD news. We all know Gears 3 will come eventually so a new IP is the best thing that could happen.

Edit: Well it would have been good news if it was a new IP but apparently that isn't the case.


We'll hear about/see Gears 3 at e3 anyway.

interrergator3119d ago

i wana see it on new hardware i hope they do that unreal engine 4 love to see it but part of me wants it this generation or maybe the last horrah for the xbox360 but time will tell :)

-MD-3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Where is that from?

Edit: Nevermind it's on Kotaku now It's pretty much official. I'm glad it comes out next year because this year is already packed with great looking games.

PirateThom3119d ago

On the dash, spotlight tab, it's changed back now though.

Gamer7l3119d ago

How about actually READING??

This is about "Cliffy B's reveal on Jimmy Fallon"....and also shows the mag cover with "brand new shooter from the makers of Gears of War".

It's NOT Gears 3.

militant073119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

its on dashbaord
its gears of war 3 !

turn on your 360 and slide to spotlight

see the link for picture from the guy above me

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The story is too old to be commented.