Hydrophobia website has a secret area

The Lost Gamer writes "Hydrophobia from Dark Energy Digital was recently shown at Pax East and those that followed the website timer countdown will have been treated to a new trailer as well as some new screenshots. However those of you who are a little more eagle eyed may have noticed another secret that the website has revealed."

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rlineker3173d ago

Have you noticed the web address is http://www.neomalthusians.c... and looking up on google there is a very interesting Wiki article here

lowcarb3173d ago

Well I'm not clicking that crap!

AAACE53172d ago

Anyone notice how MS are coming with big downloadable titles over the summer? Most of these games would have probably have been sold at retail, but are in download form. The others are Hydro Thunder 2, Breach, and some other shooter game I can't remember the name of but I downloaded the video about a week ago. There were a few other downloadable games coming to 360, but I can't remember them either.

Breach has caught my attention because one thing I miss about having a Ps3 was playing Socom Confrontation. I know alot of people hated it, but it was kinda fun. Breach seems like a mix between Socom, Rainbow 6 Vegas and Battlefield BC. It is an online only game but it looks good.