Meet The Last Story's hero and heroine... and their tiger?

Andriasang: We got a glimpse at The Last Story's hero and heroine last week. Well, their backs, at least. This week, the game's development blog was updated with a closer look.

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Davoh2875d ago it the tiger by any chance?

I really want this game curse it being released only on the Wii

AWBrawler2874d ago

I'm sure I can think of other games you'd like on it beside this. wii has lots of burried treasures, like the most HARDCORE game this gen, that my avatar came from. If you don't know, PM me

So yeah, just get a Wii, you won't regret it.

CherryLu-Chan2875d ago

.. the game is sounding more and more intriguing.
*REALLY* looking forward to this one.

Lost Odyssey was fabulous and it's been a long wait for another slice of Sakaguchi's wonderful imaginations and it feels like he's creating something a little bit special here.

Genuinely can't wait.

Kalowest2874d ago

DAMN, i cant wait for this game, Mistwalker is awesome.

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