PS3/360 Destroy All Humans! 3 Trailer Plus First Screens & Preview

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon first look, first screens and first trailer. Click the link for Preview.

Please note that as IGN states all of these (Preview, Video and Screens) are for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game while other versions are also in works.

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MK_Red3937d ago

I like the series but the screens look a bit weak for PS3/360 version. Hope they add total chaos and carnage fill the whole screen and make good use of next-gen power. Cant wait to invade the earth again.

masterg3937d ago

It looks like a PS2 title, and not even a pretty one.

sticky doja3937d ago

But that definatly didn't look next gen. But I think I saw comming Winter 2008 at the end? I hope so because they really need to polish up the graphix.

Whoooop3937d ago

Looks like fun.. Rental IMO, but fun.

Shaka2K63937d ago

Cool games better on PS3.

AllroundGamer3937d ago

the first one was great cause it was something new, the second was ok and i have the weird feeling, that this one will be just mediocre...

JewyMcJew3937d ago

Everybody is in pretty much agreement I guess.

First one was so much fun (made by Pandemic, not the same studio this time around).

But this game looks very weak. Granted, graphics are secondary in this type of fun game, but c'mon... its not like we are asking for gears of war aesthetic. Just something passable.

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